Midnight Memories

Two girls who are like sisters go to a one direction concert and one of them is chosen to live with the boys for a month. Lisa is the one who is chosen to live with them for a month. she falls hard for Niall and Niall falls hard for her.
''I love you'' I said.
''to the moon and back'' she said.
''forever me and you'' I said
''forever and always'' she said.
will their cute relationship last or will many complications separate them? read to find out!!!


11. 10.

Lisa's POV:

‘’hang in their babe’’ I said to her.

‘’please don’t hurt her please’’ I begged and I slowly backed up into someone’s leg. I looked up and it was Nathen. SHIT. He grabbed my arms and lifted me up he then injected something into my arm and I felt drowsy.

‘’w.w.whay did you d.d.do?’’ I slurred.

‘’just some sleeping agent’’ Nathen said while doing his evil laugh and the next thing I know I blacked out. I woke up by someone chucking water on me. I looked down and I was partly naked. I only had a bra on.

‘’what did you do to me asshole?’’ I asked.

‘’I said I missed you and every part of you so I made you mine’’ he replied.

‘’can I just get some pants on or something please I feel uncomfortable in front of Jason. I mean you want me to feel comfortable right?’’ I asked him.

‘’sure why not here you go’’ he said and chucked me my undies. So I put them on. At least he was nice at least once. But did I get raped? Did he use protection? Am I pregnant? Is Niall, Harry and Mel alright? Where are they? These are the question that kept running through my head. I looked up and saw Mel tied to a chair, Harry and Niall chained to the cupboard. I heard my phone ring. I ran to get it before they caught me.

‘’help me’’ I said.

‘’Lisa is that you?’’ Perrie said.

‘’yes please hel-‘’ I begun to say when I was dragged back to the others and kicked several times in the stomach until their was blood coming from my mouth. I tried to sit up but I failed to do so.

‘’Try that again. I dare you too’’ Nathen said.

‘’don’t fucking tell me what to do’’ I said and spat at him when he hit me across the face.

‘’OI LEAVE HER ALONE’’ I heard Niall yell. Jason walked over to him and hit him. This was when I had time while Jason and Nathan were distracted by Niall so I tried to get up even though it hurt but I did it, grabbed a knife from the top draw next to me and stabbed him in the back and he went down.

‘’RUN LISA, RUN’’ I heard Niall say so I ran. I hid in the closet. He came closer and I covered my mouth from trying to scream.

‘’Bitch I know you are in here so show your face or pretty boy here gets it’’ Jason said.

‘’Don’t listen to him Lisa’’ Niall said and i heard him grunt. Oh shit I have to come out so I went out and I was just about to hit him Nathan was limping and came over to me, through me on the floor, kicked me, hit me, spat on me and punched me. He then dragged Niall and I to Harry and Mel.

Mel’s POV:

Harry and I got to mine because we wanted some alone time while the place was empty. When we got there the door was open. Harry put me behind his back and someone hit him over the head with a baseball bat.

‘’HARRY’’ I screamed.

‘’Shut up bitch’’ I voice said. I looked up and it was Jason and Nathan. I woke to see Lisa and Niall and Lisa was half naked. Lisa ran when Niall said run and the next thing I know Lisa was dragged in by Nathan and Niall was dragged by Jason. Harry still hasn’t woken up. Lisa looked really bad. She had blood over her face, a black eye and what looked like bruise. I was not as hurt as Lisa. I had a cut to my thigh. Lisa I think was uncurious.

‘’Lisa hang in there please. Don’t leave me babe’’ I said. Nathan kicked her again when the cops came in and took Nathan and Jason away. The officer’s untied Harry and I. the paramedics came and attended to Lisa first and then Harry, Me and then Niall because he was the least hurt.

Niall’s POV:

That son of a bitch hurt my girl. I will kill him but he stabbed my leg.

‘’Lisa stay with us please baby I need you’’ I said when the cops came in. Lisa was rushed to the hospital the same with Harry. Mel and I got a few stiches and then we were fine. After we were done we went to reception and asked

‘’Lisa Mason and Harry Styles?’’

‘’Harry Styles is in rom 202 and Lisa Mason is still in surgery’’ the receptionist said.

‘’thank you’’ I said and we walked to Harry’s room. He was awake. Mel hoppled over to him and gave each other kisses and hugs. I wish I could do that with Lisa.

‘’Hey man how are you?’’ I asked.

‘’I’ve been better. How is Lisa?’’ he asked. I tried not to cry but I did.

‘’I don’t know man she still is in surgery’’ I replied.

‘’man she will be ok’’ he said and I walked out to call the others but when I walked out the others where there already. Anna ran up to me and gave me a hug and I cried into her neck. Followed by El, Louis, Safa, Liam, and Zayn. I just wanted Lisa in my arms and just to tell her everything will be alright. I looked up and Lisa was being wheeled into a room. I ran up to her and held her hand.

‘’Lisa honey its Niall hang in there’’ I said and the doctors pulled me outside to talk to me.

‘’Mr Horan, Ms Mason if your girlfriend right?’’ he asked

‘’yes’’ I replied.

‘’she ruptured her spleen, she is having difficulty breathing, she was raped and has many injuries. If she wakes up it will be a while. So you need to try and bring her out of her coma. We can keep her on their for as long as we can’’ he said.

‘’thanks doc’’ I replied and I was in tears. I ran inside and grabbed her hand

‘’honey you are strong, please keep fighting. I need you and Mel needs you so pretty please wake up’’ I said crying.

Lisa’s POV:

I woke up in darkness. Where am I? What happened to me? Am I dead? Will I die? Will I see Niall again? Would I see Mel or Harry or anyone again? I have all these questions.

’’Honey you are strong, please keep fighting. I need you and Mel needs you so pretty please wake up’’ I heard Niall say.

‘’babe I’m right here. I will not leave you I promise. I will find a way out of here and back to you don’t give up on me’’ I said but he couldn’t hear me obviously.

‘’Sweetie please don’t leave us. I need you, Niall needs you please, please wake up we all love you. I need you please stay with us’’ Mel said.

‘’I will not leave you guys. I will fight for my life’’ I replied still cannot hear me.

 I just want to go back to Niall and hug him so, so much. I miss him. All of a sudden I hear a beep, beep, beep. Oh no please I don’t want to die please I don’t want to die. I will do anything to live please. Niall and Mel need me so do the others please let me go back.

Niall’s POV:

Still nothing as the doctors were trying to bring her back.

‘’please baby come back to me, to us please’’ I shouted while crying.

‘’come on bro’’ Harry said.

‘’No harry I cannot live without her. I need her. If she dies I don’t know what I’ll do. I really love her and I don’t want to lose her’’ I cried. They all gave me a group hug when her door opened.

‘’she is back, still in a coma but she is back’’ he said.

‘’thanks doc’’ I replied and sat next to Lisa.

‘’hey baby, you scared us then. Please wake up. We love you and Mel and I need you so please just wake up. I don’t want to lose you please just come back to me’’ I kept saying. It has been hours since anything has happened to Lisa and it is driving me mental. Liam offered me food but I refused to eat.

‘’hey babe when you wake up and you can go home I’ll cook you a feast. Please just wake up or at least squeeze my hand. You don’t have to wake just squeeze my hand and let me know you are here with us’’ I said. Still nothing, when I was just about to let go she squeezed my hand.

‘’babe you just squeezed my hand. Now just wake up. Just open your eyes’’ I said but she didn’t.

*one week later*

Niall’s POV:

It has been one week since Lisa has been in a coma. We had 3 near death experiences but she always came back. I knew she was strong. I still will not eat no matter how hard they tried to make me. I think I feel asleep with my hand in with Lisa’s because I woke up with her squeezing my hand tightly. I looked up and she was having difficulty breathing.

‘’help somebody help’’ when a doctor walked in and took the tube out of her mouth. She coughed and then opened her eyes. The doctor checked her vital signs and it was like nothing happened to her.

‘’hey babe you scared me’’ I said and kissed her forehead.

‘’I missed you to Ni’’ she replied. I hugged her tightly and she hugged me with whatever strength she had.

‘’I love you’’ I said.

‘’too the moon and back’’ she replied.

‘’forever in my heart’’ I said.

‘’forever and always’’ she replied.

The doctors came back and said

‘’you can go home tonight but you need rest and someone to supervise you at all times’’ he said.

‘’yes she will. Harry and I are moving into Mel and Lisa’s house so we can keep an eye on them’’ I said.

‘’that’s good to here. I will come back with paperwork so you can go home’’ he replied and left.

‘’when we get home we are getting an alarm installed for the house’’ I said to her.

‘’ok and what was this about a feast if I woke up?’’ she asked giggling.

‘’that is for another day’’ I said.

‘’oh shit honey I’m sorry I missed your birthday’’ she said.

‘’it’s ok babe because it isn’t until Saturday and it is Monday today’’ I replied.

‘’well that’s good’’ she replied.

‘’yea it is baby’’ I said and kissed her nose.

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