Kidnapped By My Idol (1 direction and black veil brides fan fic)

It was just a walk to Starbucks what could have gone wrong?


8. Chapter 8: Sometimes The Bedroom Walls Become My Only Friends

Chapter 8: Sometimes The Bedroom Walls Become My Only Friends


Alice's POV

I woke up to the sound of the door opening. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to go to sleep.

I felt the bed sink a bit. I opened an eye to see Andy there staring at me. I opened the other eye and sat up.

"Please go away." I mumbled. "I don't have to if I want to. It's my room." Andy said. "That explains all the Batman stuff ." I said staring down at my lap. 
"Yeah." Andy whispered.

We sat there for 10 minutes in complete silence. "Are you hungry?" Andy questioned breaking the silence. "No I'm not hungry." I said.

Honesty I'm starving. I wanted to say yes but I don't trust them. For all I know they probably poisoned the food. I'm not taking that chance. I rather die of starvation.

"You have to eat something." Andy said snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked at him. "I'm not hungry." I said getting annoyed. "Well you have to eat something or you'll die of starvation." Andy said looking into my eyes with anger.

I looked away. "Just leave." I said. "No it's my room. I get to leave when I want to." Andy spat. There about 7 trillion nerves in my body system and Andy is getting on each single one of them.

I sighed. "Fine bring me an apple." I mumbled. Andy got up and left. It was just all on my own for a while. I fucking hate them.


Jade's POV

Niall and I had a small conversation. He was pretty funny. He had fallen asleep just a few minutes ago. I sighed. I want to go back home. It's less of a hell then this place.

All I could do for fun is stare at the wall. I started day dreaming.



I was walking down the street. "Hey Jade." Alice said skating by on her skateboard. "Hi Alice." I said as she started skating near me. "So where you going?" She asked. "I don't know. Any place far from home. I don't want to be there for a while." I said. "Well I'm heading to the park wanna come along with me?" Alice asked. "Sure." I said and we headed to the park.

*end of flashback*


That's the day Alice and I decided to be there for each other no matter what.



"So tell me what's wrong. Why do you want to be away from home?" Alice asked sounding really concerned. "My parents are kinda arguing. Like not just that. They don't really get me. They think things will be easy-" Alice cut me off and said "But it really isn't because you have nobody." "Exactly!" I said. "Well you know what? If you ever need anybody I'm here for you." Alice said hugging me. "And l be there for you." I said hugging Alice back.

*end of flashback*


I smiled at the wall. I grabbed a marker and started drawing Alice. "Since I don't have my best friend right now I might as well draw her and pretend she's listening." I said in my head.


*meanwhile with Jake, CC, and Jinxx*

Jinxx's POV

I was staring down at my phone waiting for a message from Sammi. (Look up Sammi Doll on google. That's Jinxx wife. She's pretty)

"Dude stop looking at your phone every 5 seconds. Just have some fun." CC said handing me a beer. I sighed and put my phone away.



I handed Jinxx a beer hoping he would just join us. "Hey Jake have you heard from Andy and Ash?" I asked. "No." Jake said. "They're in the woods. In a cabin. With a girl." Jinxx said.

If Andy and Ash both like the girl there's a problem there. I know Ash would flirt with her and try to get to do stuff with her but Andy well he would just end up kissing her. Hmmm I wanna know what goes on.

Jake's POV

"Hey guys who do you think would win the girl?" CC asked. "Well she might melt over Ash." I said. "But she would fall for Andy easily." Jinxx mentioned. "Dude you know Ash would beat Andy's ass any day." I said. "I don't think so. Remember half the fan base well actually 75% of the fan base love Andy." Jinxx said.


"True shit." I said. "Well guys are we ever going to see them both?" CC asked. "Actually yes. This weekend." I said. "Is there phone reception?" Jinxx asked.


CC and I facepalmed ourselves. "Jinxx you're leaving the phone." I said. "No. I have to take care of Sammi somehow." He said. "Dude we go on tour and she stays back. She's always fine." CC said.


Jinxx sighed. "Right." He mumbled. "Alrighty then let's start packing. Also pack Andy and Ash some clothes." I said and walked into my room starting to pack.


*meanwhile with Liam, Zyan, and Louis*

Zyan's POV

I was with Louis and Liam at our the One Direction Mansion. "Does anybody know what happened to Niall and Harry?" Louis asked sounding a bit way to concerned. "Camp out." Liam shortly stated.

I started to wonder why they all of the sudden chose to have a camp out.

"Hello? Earth to Zyan?" Louis said waving his hand in front of my face. I looked Louis and Liam. "Dude you spaced out for 5 whole minutes." Liam said. Wow. That long. "Is everything alright?" Liam asked. "Yeah I'm fine. I was just thinking of something." I said.


Liam's POV

Something doesn't seem right. Why would Niall and Harry would leave without telling us if we wanted to join.

Hmmm..... "Wait when are we going to get to see them?" Louis asked. "This weekend." I said. "That sounds great. I really don't have plans." Zyan said. "So it's settled we're going camping." I said and the guys nodded.


Louis's POV

"Dude is there bears?" I asked. "I don't think so." Liam said. "Well when people camp there's sometimes bears." Zyan said.

I thought about it for a second. Sure hope there isn't any bears.

"Alright guys lets start packing." Liam said and we all headed to our rooms and got some clothes. "Don't forget to pack Niall and Harry some clothes too." Zyan said.

After I finished packing my clothes I packed Harry and Niall some clothes.


*back to Alice*

Alice's POV

I heard Andy come back. He brought an apple and a knife. I started getting scared thinking he was going to stab me but he just said he was going to use it to let me free just to eat the apple.

I sighed. "Can I use the knife?" I asked. "For what?" He asked. "To cut the apple duh." I said. He handed me the knife. I started to cut it until I accidentally cut my hand a bit. "Shit." I said hissing from the pain.

Andy looked at me. "Are you ok?" He asked. "Umm not really." I said holding my hand while some of the blood started gushing out. "Here I'll help." He said.

Andy took my hand and licked the blood off of it. I know it's weird that he is doing that but at the same time I'm fangirling in the inside.

"Umm why did you lick my hand?" I asked. My hand was in less pain. "I just helped you so be happy and your not using the knife anymore." Andy said taking the knife away. Fuck. I was going to use it.

I was so confused. When Andy left he forgot to tie me up again. I couldn't sleep. There's something weird about him. All I did was stare at the ceiling. I kept tossing and turning on the bed. I was already under the covers and I was still freezing my ass off.

I got out of the bed and grabbed one of my switch blades. I carved a girl that kinda looked like Jade. Except she's not a stick figure on a wall.

I sighed. I missed her. She was the only one who understood me. Now all I got is this horrible carving I made.


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