Kidnapped By My Idol (1 direction and black veil brides fan fic)

It was just a walk to Starbucks what could have gone wrong?


5. Chapter 5: Escape


Jade's POV

My feet ached as my legs took long strides. Alice and I had must probably ran 2 miles and my whole body was aching. We finally stopped and we were left wheezing for air. "Alice?" I choked. "Yeah?" she answered. "Do you think they'll catch us?" Her face made a weird expression. "I'm not sure Jade all I know is that I fear for our future." I wiped the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand, as I let out a sigh. Were never going to escape this living hell.

Alice's POV

Jade and I settled down on the ground. We laid for a bit trying to catch our breathes. I dont think it's possible for them to find us. For Gods sake we ran 2 fucking miles. It's far, to far for them to find us.

*After an hour*

We finally caught our breathes. I sat up and searched in my purse. I found my iPod and went to my playlist. I put on King For A Day by Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn. I hummed along to the story. Jade started humming too. I weakly smiled at her.

"Cause enoughs enough and were done" I sang. "You told me to think about it, well I did. Now I don't wanna feel a thing anymore. I'm tired of begging for the things that I want. I'm over sleeping like a dog on the floor." Jade also sang. "Imagine living like a king someday. A single night without a ghost in the walls. We are the shadows screaming take us now. We'd rather die than live to rest on the ground." I sang the last part to the song.

Jade's POV

We talked for a while on where we are going and all. After we decided everything we got up and walked. "It's nice to be out again" Alice said. "Yeah I know even though we were only kidnapped for about the whole night" I said.

This walk will probably be forever since we don't know where we are going. Only if we knew where in California we are. It wasn't that bad looking at the sky during sunrise. It was quite beautiful. I enjoyed it. 

Who knew being trapped for hours seemed like days. I was at least a bit happy that I met Niall on the other hand I regret ever meeting Harry. I know that Alice must be really happy in the inside that she met Andy and Ash.

Andy's POV

I was walking back to my room where Alice was tied to the bed post. I opened the door to see her gone. I checked all over the room and she wasn't there. "NIALL WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!" I shouted. Niall was in my room in an instant. "What happened?" He asked. "Alice is gone" I said. "She's probably hiding or with Jade" Niall said calmly. So we went to go check on them.

Niall's POV

Andy and I went to go check on the girls. Ash and Harry were checking around the house. If they are gone it wouldn't be good at all. We opened the door to the room Jade was in. She wasn't there either. "We gotta go search for them" Andy said. They will get big punishments when we get them. "We can't go out there yet or else the sun will burn our eyes" I said.


Hey guys. Sorry for the very long wait. Now I'll try but I'm going to update every Tuesday. It will be a bit difficult since the partnership was broken. This story is now going to be written on my own sadly but I'll try my best. Anyways the girls in the picture are going to be Jade and Alice in the story. Jade is the blonde and Alice is the one with black hair. Thanks for reading. Stay strong and I love you all- Mel <3

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