Kidnapped By My Idol (1 direction and black veil brides fan fic)

It was just a walk to Starbucks what could have gone wrong?


3. Chapter 3

Alice's POV

Ash wrapped his hands around my waist and took me out of Jade's room. "Ash please let me stay with her she's my bestiaries" I begged for him to let me back. "Well you gotta go ask Andy" "UGHHH" I screamed. Great I gotta ask the person I hate to let me be with my friend. I looked at the ground walking not even looking where I'm going. I soon bumped into someone and I landed on top. Our lips touched. I got up to see him. Andy standing in front of me. "I'm sorry I bumped into an they we...' I paused my sentence "and we kissed" Andy said finishing the sentence. "Yea that" I said blushing a bit "it's ok" he said smiling, I smiled back. Can I stay in the same room with Jade pretty please" I begged "yea site it's fine with me" Andy said scratching the back of his head. "Thank you so much" I said and hugged him, he hugged me back. I pulled away from the hug and stared into his beautiful eyes. He was leaning closer to me, until the door slammed open. I quickly back up from Andy a bit. I saw Harry walk in. Great thing he showed up because I'm not sure if I wanted to kiss Andy. "What do you want" I spat "I just want you to go see your insane friend" Harry said annoyed. "I'm not coming with you" "ok then your coming the hard way" he said grabbing my wrist. I flinched since that's where I cut myself. "Don't touch me" I screamed as I got out of his grip. I was about to punch him until I got turned around and Andy kissed me. I pulled away and ran to Jade's room. I locked the door as I got in.

Jade's POV

"NOOOO!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Niall came towards me with the needle. As soon as Alice left I went on a screaming rage. "I promise I won't scream anymore! Niall please." I can see the regret behind his eyes. He lowered the needle as Alice rushed in and locked the door. When she saw Niall her eyes widened. "Shit" she mumbled. I heard banging on the door as she rushed to Niall "please don't let them in" she begged Niall. Niall looked very confused but he walked to the door anyway and unlocked it. Alice screamed as Harry charged at her along with Andy.

Alice's POV

Harry pinned me against the wall and started screaming in my face. "SHUT THE FUCK UP HARRY!" I screamed and kicked him where the sun don't shine but for the bad luck that is sitting with me on the park bench I missed. "Haha you missed" "oh yes bitch" I said and kicked him again with out missing. I laughed at his pain and started running towards Niall "unlock her or you'll be next" he walked over to Jade as he fumbled with the keys to unlock her. Harry stopped him "no Niall she's mine she's staying here." "WHAT!" Jade spat. I walked over to Harry and pressed his pressure point "that will keep him still for a while" "now unlock her." I said that's when Andy carried me away. I tried kicking and punching but it didn't work. The last thing I remember was Andy carrying me away. Before he put the cloth over my mouth. 


Hey guys Mrs.Biersack 10 here hope you enjoyed it we worked hard on it and tried finding time to upload thanks for reading love you guys- Mel and Cristie

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