The cold never bothered me anyway

Elsa the snow queen has now been accepted by her kingdom but she soon realizes that the love she thought could keep her curse under control is now beginning to get out of control once again. Trying to find the answers might prove to be difficult, but Elsa is determined more then ever. How will she find true love? Is there a way? The only thing to help her is a small scroll that her parents had left inside the golden scepter, and the only thing that the scroll says is "Jack Frost"

(c)o copyrighted by ☃Olaf Productions☃

A Fan-Fiction of Elsa the snow queen and Jack Frost in a modernized version. This is my first story so any feedback would be appreciated.


8. What do you mean...

The fire flickered and crackled as Pebbie added wood to the fireplace. Anna stroked my hair gently as I rested my head on her lap. In the past few hours since waking up I was feeling tired but happy.


I had been notified after Anna and I had calmed down that now was not the time for reunions. I was confused at first but then looked around, only to see what I had unconsciously done. The crystal dome was not the only thing that had been corrupted with strange ice. The whole village had. Houses had been evacuated and the place had been isolated. The houses had been taken apart by the ice and was currently a “no-go-zone” due to large icicles piercing through everything and anything. My reunion with Anna was short-lived before Pebbie told us to move along. Kristoff offered a ride on Sven, but I kindly refused due to the fact that I felt like I needed to clear my head a bit. From there, Anna and Kristoff rode Sven back to the castle whilst Pebbie and I travelled by foot. The journey had taken roughly fifteen minutes and in no time whatsoever, it was now seven o clock and the sun had now set.


“Im sorry” I whined.


I felt Anna release her fingers from my hair before slapping me on the forehead. I sat up and looked at her angry at first, but then realized that Anna was looking like she was half frustrated and the other half upset.


“If you tell me sorry one more time” Anna growled.


I had never seen Anna like this before. Anna was always to me the person who never let things get the better of her. She would laugh most things off that other people would recoil to and had the most contagious smile that I had ever laid eyes on. But this Anna was different. She kept on blaming herself and my initial response was to tell her that it was no one’s fault. The exchanging of “sorry” and “it’s my fault” had now been going back and forth for the past hour that we had arrived here and Anna was clearly getting sick of it. Raising my hand to her face, I cupped my hand over her cheek gently.


“Okay Anna” I said.

Anna wiped her eyes hastily with both hands before retreating her face from my hand.


“You ruined our honeymoon you know?” Anna teased.


I felt guilt pang in my chest when I saw her look down sadly.


“Like I said before im sor” I said before getting stopped halfway.


Anna had whipped her finger to my mouth before bringing her face so close to my face that I could now feel her breath on my skin. She leaned forward and turned her head, now leaning to the side of my face.


“I warned you” she whispered in my ear.


Anna shoved her arms under my armpits and began to scratch. The first thing I felt was shock, which was closely followed by excruciating torture. I felt my hands fly up wildly as she continued to tickle me. I tried to grab hold of her hands, but that only resulted in her tickling harder which made my arms jerk away from hers. Looking up at Annas face, I could now see that she was laughing as hard as I was. She knew that I was one of the most ticklish people that had ever resided in the kingdom of Arendelle and was now using it to her advantage. I pushed myself off of her and fell unto to the ground laughing. I could feel the tears rolling down my face as I raised my hands in the air and began to shuffle backwards.


“O.. Oka..Okay I’ll stop” I breathed in-between laughter escaping my mouth.


Anna nodded in triumph and placed a hand on the sofa whilst patting it. Standing up slowly, I eyed her cautiously as I walked back. Anna patted her hand down louder, giving me cue to hurry up. As I approached, I sat myself back on the sofa and rested my head on Annas lap once more. She placed her fingers back into my hair and began to stroke once again. I looked up at Anna as she looked back down at me. We both smiled at each other. I was so happy to have Anna here by my side right now and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Turning my head to the side now, I now realized that Pebbie was no longer at the fireplace. As soon as I looked up at the door, I watched as Pebbie and Bulda entered. Pebbie was holding a long sheet of paper whilst Pebbie was walking in pace behind.


“There is something I need to tell you Elsa” Pebbie said.


I felt my heart sink into my chest as I looked up at Anna. She looked worried but then quickly dismissed it with a weak smile before looking down at me. Turning my head to Pebbie, I nodded.


“Your power temporarily went berserk as you already know. The problem for the time being is that your power is currently unstable. In a sense you are as the “higher ups” have described as a ticking time bomb. ” Pebbie said.


“What are higher ups?” I asked curiously.


“You mean whom, Elsa. It is not surprising that you do not know who they are because only a limited amount of people are allowed to know about their existence. Let me explain. The higher ups are the spirits that have patrolled abnormal forces throughout the course of time. These powerful spirits have governed the universe and its laws and are now concerned about you and a deal that your parents made when you were first born. The deal involved the ownership of your power and your soul” Pebbie said.


Processing what had just been said, I felt offended at the same time, curious.


“So you’re saying that some “higher ups” are listing me as an item of destruction and are demanding that I give myself to them?” I asked in disbelief.


“Elsa” Anna said shocked.


Clasping my hands tightly together, I felt my shoulders tremble.


“May I continue?” Pebbie asked.


I nodded.


“The “higher ups” are absolute, Elsa. You are now a danger to both the people around you and yourself and right now and there’s no use denying it. Our small community of trolls have now relocated to another neighbouring troll community. The point that I am trying to make is that what you saw when you woke up is something that is currently and most likely permanently irreversible.” Pebbie said in a tone.


Numbness coated my body painfully like a sheet of paralysis.


“Your parents were worried that this might come about and that is why they locked you up. When you were just a baby, both your parents were summoned by them. They were summoned to be questioned about what they wanted to do with you. Your parents wanted you to live a normal life so they begged for custody over you and asked for the approval of your existence as a human. Being born with a curse is something that can either hinder or enlighten. The proposal that your parents gave to the higher ups is that if you were to lose control, they would gain complete rights and privileges to your life. The higher ups accepted your parent’s proposal and set a certain date that the proposal would be terminated at. But the higher ups didn’t like the idea of someone as strong as you being with humans, so they added a special condition” Pebbie continued.


Feeling my palms sweat, I realized that my eyes were shut closed. I opened them hastily and looked at Anna. Her face contained the emotion of shock horror. I nudged her a bit but she didn’t dare look me in the eyes. Turning my attention to Pebbie I saw that he was looking at the scroll and then at me.


“What was the condition?” I asked gravely.


“The condition was that if you’re parents passed away before you reached adulthood, the higher ups would be allowed to take your power without your consent and without your knowledge” Pebbie said.


I felt a pang in my chest as I began to tighten my hands until they were white. For my whole life, I had been following orders from people I did not know and my parents were forced into fear and hurt. All because of me. As I began to feel my conscious slowly process it all in, I then realized I felt something I didn’t feel that much anymore.




Obviously something was wrong and the higher ups didn’t like it one bit. Even though what I was being told was a lot to take in, I realized that I was apart of something that the higher ups were struggling with, and it made me feel good.


“So because my parents passed away at sea, my rights to the ownership of my powers were passed unto the higher ups?” I asked innocently.


Pebbie nodded.


“Then what’s the problem and why am I still cursed?” I asked.


Pebbie turned the scroll that he was holding towards me.


“This is the reason why” Pebbie stated.


Jack Frost was printed on the scroll in my mother’s handwriting. Pebbie stared at me with an eyebrow perked up before asking.


“Do you know who this is?”


“No” I replied.


Pebbie looked curious and uncertain to whether or not I was telling the truth. Looking back down at the scroll, Pebbie walked up to me and held it out.


“This was what Bulda found in the room when you collapsed and it looks like it was inside of this” Pebbie said.


Bulda waddled forward, before holding out the satchel of broken pieces of the golden sceptre and orb.


Grabbing the scroll carefully, I looked at it closely only to see that something was written underneath Jack Frost.


“When your parents accepted the special proposal, they found out something from an unknown resource” Pebbie said.


Looking more closely at the fine print, it stated “Fragmentation”.


“They found out that you were not the only one harbouring the same gift” Pebbie replied.


Dropping the scroll, my eyes darted straight back to Pebbie.


“What do you mean…” I asked slowly.


Pebbie bent down and picked up the scroll. Anna was shaking next to me but I didn't dare move my gaze for a second. What did he mean? I wasn't the only one? As Pebbie picked up the scroll once again, he placed it back in front of my face.



Jack Frost.

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