The cold never bothered me anyway

Elsa the snow queen has now been accepted by her kingdom but she soon realizes that the love she thought could keep her curse under control is now beginning to get out of control once again. Trying to find the answers might prove to be difficult, but Elsa is determined more then ever. How will she find true love? Is there a way? The only thing to help her is a small scroll that her parents had left inside the golden scepter, and the only thing that the scroll says is "Jack Frost"

(c)o copyrighted by ☃Olaf Productions☃

A Fan-Fiction of Elsa the snow queen and Jack Frost in a modernized version. This is my first story so any feedback would be appreciated.


4. Waking up

The first thing I felt was a pounding headache. Moaning slightly, I turned my body sideways and opened my eyes. I was not in the same room as before. The interior design of the room was dirty and grubby. Feeling the soft bed sheets under my body made me realise I was now on a bed. The room was dusty and dark and it was hard to see as far as a meter. As the headache slowly subsided, the strong smell of dirt filled my nostrils.

“Is anyone there?” I rasped before feeling the headache come back to surface. Wrapping both arms across my chest, I began to concentrate on Anna once again. Within a matter of seconds, the headache subsided and I was feeling a little bit better.


“You have to tell her” a voice pleaded not too far away.


“She’ll find out sooner or later, there’s no point denying it” the voice continued.


“Hello, is anyone there?” I repeated.

The small muffles of conversation in the background subsided immediately.

Removing both arms from my chest, I planted them firmly on the bed shifted my body into a sitting position. A small glint of light began to appear from a crack in the wall. As I continued to stare at the wall curiously, I then realised that it was in-fact a door. The door opened slowly and gave way to something small and round. My hands automatically went up to my face as the light hit my eyes, the strain was painful but tolerable.

“Your majesty” a happy familiar voice sounded.

Dropping my hands from my face in mid air, I looked down to see the figure who was now bowing in front of me. I let out a deep breath before smiling weakly.

“It’s good to see you too Bulda” I replied.


Bulda was Kristoff’s mum. Well not his actual mum. To make a long story short, Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven at a young age were wondering the forest where they came across Anna right after I had accidentally hit her in the head with my magic. He had followed us all the way to where we needed help and there was approached by Bulda. Now everything seems fine right? Wrong. Well not entirely, I mean the only thing that makes Bulda and her race different from humans is that Bulda is in-fact a troll. A small, round troll that has a big heart at that. She is my mother-in-law after all. The troll race had as far as im concerned, made no difference to my kingdom apart from them aiding us. Without the trolls, Anna and I probably wouldn’t be alive and well to this day. The kingdom of Arendelle owed a lot to the trolls after all.


“Im sorry to startle you like that, my dear” Bulda said warmly.

Waddling to the side of my bed, she clapped both hands twice before miniature lights began to flicker on inside the room. Now that I could see around me, I saw that the walls were made entirely of dirt and the floor was covered with big, branches that had masses of furry soft leaves, feeling similar to a carpet. The lights that had flickered on were in-fact small gemstones planted within the grooves of the walls and roof, which resulted in faint crystals flickering from radiant to dim whilst repeating the process. From the way they turned on by Bulda’s command, it was not hard to figure out that she was using her magic. Magic was after all something that trolls were naturally accustomed to.


“Take a sip of this darling, it tastes a bit bitter at first but it will help your head to clear” Bulda continued.

Reaching into her pocket, she grabbed a small flask that contained a light green mixture. Leaning forward, I grabbed the flask from her hand and popped it open. A herbal essence aroma wafted from the flask. Pursuing my lips slightly, I lifted the flask and swallowed the contents.

“You are here because you have been unconscious for roughly five days” Bulda said.

Feeling the bitter contents go down my throat resulted with my throat feeling sore. Placing the flask down beside me now, I turned my full-undivided attention to Bulda once again.

“What happened to me?” I asked.

“You were zapped of all your powers momentarily” Bulda replied.

“But how?” I asked incredulously.

“I could tell you, and believe me I want to; but it is not for me to say” Bulda replied sadly.

Looking into Bulda’s eyes, I now saw that they were filling with tears. I had never saw Bulda tear up, let alone a troll. Whatever she was keeping from me, it was obvious that it was hurting her. It was hurting her so much that she couldn’t look me in the eyes anymore.

Placing both hands on her shoulders I smiled warmly.

“All in good time Bulda. There’s no need to cry” I cooed.

Placing both thumbs underneath her eyes, I began to prod the tears away. She raised her eyes and smiled warmly.

“Why are you helping me?” she sniffled before letting out a relieved laugh.

“I came in here to help you, not for you to help me” she said before going on her toes and giving me a hug.

Because I was sitting on a bed, and she was on the ground the hug might’ve looked awkward and it sure didn’t feel comfortable but nonetheless I wrapped my arms around her and embraced her. It had been what felt like weeks, that I had shared a heart-felt hug. Letting the time slowly tick by, we both broke away from the hug and began to smile at eachother.

“Do you want some mushroom soup, it will definitely go well with the bread that I picked up from the bakery today” Bulda beamed.

“Fresh and hot?” I asked smiling warmly.

“Just the way you like it” she replied.

“Oh and before I forget you have another visitor” Bulda said in a hurry, before waddling out of the room in a hurry.


Letting out another laugh, I tossed myself backwards on the bed. Even though a lot had happened in the past few days, I was happy that I was finally able to visit Bulda. If my mother was still alive, I am pretty sure she would be nothing like Bulda. The last memories I had of mother and father was when they had told me to keep on practicing and that they loved me. With Bulda, I felt ordinary. I felt like she would be the sort of mother that would worry about me all the time but always making me smile. Pebbie would be the sort of father working daily and coming home just to surprise me with a big, sloppy kiss on the cheek. I wonder what life would’ve been like if Bulda and Pabbie were my parents. When I was ruling the kingdom, I felt under constraint but with the trolls I felt like I was normal. Looking up at the ceiling I realised that I was beginning to tear up.

“Stop that Elsa” I said curtly.

Rubbing my eyes harshly, I bounced back up and now saw Bulga and Sven entering.


“Look who came to see you” Bulda said before gesturing towards Sven.

The tall reindeer looked at me before huffing and turning his head.

“Oh come on Sven, im sorry I haven’t visited you in a while” I said playfully.

Sven turned his head slightly before turning it back in protest.

Looking down at Bulda, I now saw that she had a carrot in her hand. Putting one finger to her lips, Bulda then threw the carrot towards me. With a flick of my wrist, I quickly liquefied the air momentarily before Sven could see what was going on. I grabbed the carrot with one hand and placed the other on my lap.

“It’s a shame if you think about it” I said sounding sad.

“Ive got a carrot on me but im not really feeling up for eating it” I said tossing the carrot in the air.

Sven whipped his head around as soon as he heard the word carrot. His eyes looked like they were about to cry of happiness. Sven, looked at me in the eyes and then at the carrot.

“I mean I would give it to Sven but his not hungry, right Bulda?” I asked Bulda.

Bulda nodded and Sven’s jaw dropped so low I thought it would hit the ground.

“Well I guess I have no choice then” I said slowly before opening my mouth.

Sven’s face was absolutely priceless. His eyes were wide open, his mouth was hanging low and his body was stiff. Raising the carrot to my mouth I stopped just as it reached my chin.

“Do you want this carrot, Sven?” I asked whilst perking my eyebrows high.

Sven bolted from his spot and ran towards me. Chucking the carrot up, I flicked my finger in the air producing a small piece of ice. The carrot flew in the air and just as the carrot was about to begin to descend, the ice crystal hit it and stuck it to the ceiling. Before Sven could turn back, I prodded the floor with my toe and momentarily made the ground turn slippery. Sven skidded and skated before falling over clumsily. As he fell in front of the bed, legs and hooves all sprawled out. Taking my chance, I jumped off the bed and on Sven.

Bulda began to laugh aloud and Sven looked at me with his big eyes.

“Im sorry, okay?” I said looking down at him.

Sven looked down and just as I was going to get up, Sven landed his fat, wet tongue on my cheek. Sven jumped up, resulting with me losing balance and falling over. Shutting my eyes shut, I then looked up to see Sven leaning forward with his tongue sticking out.


“Don’t you dare” I warned Sven, but it was too late.




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