The cold never bothered me anyway

Elsa the snow queen has now been accepted by her kingdom but she soon realizes that the love she thought could keep her curse under control is now beginning to get out of control once again. Trying to find the answers might prove to be difficult, but Elsa is determined more then ever. How will she find true love? Is there a way? The only thing to help her is a small scroll that her parents had left inside the golden scepter, and the only thing that the scroll says is "Jack Frost"

(c)o copyrighted by ☃Olaf Productions☃

A Fan-Fiction of Elsa the snow queen and Jack Frost in a modernized version. This is my first story so any feedback would be appreciated.


13. Stranger danger

“Am I dead?” I rasped to myself.


The smell of pine and ash was the first thing that I smelt. My eyelids felt heavy and my mouth felt dry. I could hear the faint sound of rain splattering on the roof. The feeling of cold wood numbed my back as I lay on it. Something warm and damp lay lightly on my chest as I felt it go up and down with my chest. Breathing through my nostrils carefully, I then proceeded to vent the air back out through my mouth. Repeating the process over and over again, I continued it until I felt my breathing reached normality. Rolling myself on my side, I stopped abruptly before wincing. The pain from hitting my head was dull now but it throbbed when I moved it. Letting myself roll back unto my back, I pried my left eye open. I quickly closed my eye again right after I felt something drip on it.


“Okay so im not dead” I rasped.


But how is it possible? It couldn’t be? Last time that I was conscious all I remembered was lying down in front of a door that housed a wild fire. And in the midst of all of it a murderer was on his way to kill me. Either way, I should have now died. Reopening both eyes this time, I first began squinting at the ceiling. The ceiling all of a sudden came into view and I now saw that the ceiling was full of cobwebs and musk. Turning my head carefully this time, I began to slowly look around at everything around me. The first thing that I realized was that I was in an abandoned cabin. I was a few meters away from a now burnt out fire that was made up of sticks and cloths. The windows were bordered up by wooden planks, which made it impossible to look out. Turning my gaze slightly to the left I spotted a table with a chair. Sitting myself up slowly, I felt my head throb a bit but kept my focus on the task at hand. As I shifted myself upright, I felt something warm and damp fall off my chest unto my lap. Examining the item curiously, I stopped halfway and picked it up. It was a dark blue jumper that was now a bit tattered and damp. Holding the jumper out in front of me, I grabbed both ends of the sleeves before draping it around my neck. The warmth of the jumper would prove for the use of a temporary scarf. As soon as the jumper was tightly secured around my neck, I resumed the task at hand. As soon as I sat myself up whilst using my hands as support, I peered over the table from afar.




Slowly position myself into a crawling position; I began scuttling myself along the floor by using my legs and arms to pull my weight. As I approached the table, I levered myself up by using the leg of the table. As soon as I grabbed hold of the glass, I began to greedily gulp it down. I felt the water drip down my chin whilst the cold supplement raced down my throat. Closing my eyes feeling pleased, I slammed the glass back down on the table before letting out a relieved breath.


“That hit the spot” I said happily.


The murky feeling in my throat had now gone and I now felt my head clear almost instantly. Standing up slowly, I balanced myself on the table. Walking over to the chair, I plumped myself down on it before stretching my legs out. Looking down at my legs, I looked down and now saw that my left foot had something on it. Lifting my foot up carefully, I placed it on my knee and began examining it. Blue trails of vine leaves and flowers wrapped around my wound that was now pink-looking.


“But who…” I said in awe.


My eyes widened as I snapped myself out of the daze. I began whipping my head around and began examining everything. I was not alone. I couldn’t have been. I felt like slapping myself on the forehead at the moment but didn’t want to give the kidnapper that satisfaction. If I was still alive, it meant that someone had saved me. And the last thing that I had seen was a set of two eyes. It was dark in the room so it was hard to see. Just as I was about to give up, I saw something in the corner of the room move.


“Who’s there!” I shouted.


Looking more intently now, I realized that I needed to get a closer look.


“I don’t know who you are, but if you have done anything to me or think that you’re going to get away with this… Then I hope you know who you’re dealing with!” I threatened.




Getting out of the chair now, I hoisted it up and began dragging it behind me. My legs felt weak as I approached my kidnapper. I was scared witless but I couldn’t give the kidnapper that satisfaction. If I was going to get out of here alive, then I was going to be ruthless. I can be ruthless. As I approached the corner of the room, I could hear a faint wheezing. Bringing the chair from behind me, I held it up in front of me and held it towards the corner.


“Show yourself” I commanded.




“I said show yourself!” I shouted.


I began jabbing at the air fiercely with the chair.


“Don’t make me hurt you” I cried.


Waiting for what almost seemed like an hour, I now realized that I probably wasn’t going to get a response. Whatever he was trying to play at, I was going to make sure I won… Looking down intently, I began inwardly wracking my brains for an idea. I could throw the chair at him, but it might kill him. But if I don’t threaten him, I won’t get a response. Nothing’s working… Then all of a sudden it hit me. Cursing myself silently under my breath, I knew that what I was about to do was something I shouldn’t have dared. But now I was more worried then scared. It was time to take the figure my surprise. Putting down the chair slowly, I slowly let go of it before lowering myself down. As soon as I reached the ground, I knelt carefully and began to crawl towards the figure. The first thing I saw was bare feet. Coming even closer now, I could now see that the figure was in-fact around my size.


“Hello?” I whispered.


Coming in closer, I was now less then a meter away. I could now see that the figure was in-fact a young man. His chest was bare and was unevenly going up and down. I felt my legs go weak as I jumped forward at him. I placed both hands against the wall around him and trapped him. Looking down, I now saw that the young man might have been an old man. His hair was a pale as snow and his skin wasn’t far from it. Lowering myself down, I tried to get a better look at his face.


“Who are you?” I asked unevenly.


The figure continued to wheeze. Lowering my hand slowly, I felt my heart-beat begin to race at a hundred miles an hour as I grabbed the tip of his chin. His touch felt electrifying which resulted in my eyes rolling back. I felt dazed for a second, but quickly reminded myself what I was doing and began lifting his chin. His hair began to fall away unevenly from his face before his face came into view. Feeling like all my energy had all of a sudden left me, I felt my body fall forwards and land on his. My head awkwardly fell unto his shoulder as my arms pushed up against the wall, which resulted in his body toppling off from the wall and landing on the floor with mine. Feeling dazed and confused, I now realized that I was lying on top of him. I began to try and push myself off of him, but it looked like my body didn’t want to obey. Feeling helpless, I rested my head against his cold chest. Freaking out a little, I began to try and calm myself down.


There was no heartbeat.

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