The cold never bothered me anyway

Elsa the snow queen has now been accepted by her kingdom but she soon realizes that the love she thought could keep her curse under control is now beginning to get out of control once again. Trying to find the answers might prove to be difficult, but Elsa is determined more then ever. How will she find true love? Is there a way? The only thing to help her is a small scroll that her parents had left inside the golden scepter, and the only thing that the scroll says is "Jack Frost"

(c)o copyrighted by ☃Olaf Productions☃

A Fan-Fiction of Elsa the snow queen and Jack Frost in a modernized version. This is my first story so any feedback would be appreciated.


14. Pervert

“What on Earth…” I whispered.


“His dead” I stuttered.


Oh my god. His dead. Feeling like I was on the verge of breaking down or screaming, I quickly bottled up these feelings and tried to pry myself from his body. The last thing I wanted was to be trapped on a corpse of the person who had kidnapped me. What are the chances? First I was taken away without my consent and now I was being kept not only against his will but my body. It wouldn’t budge. My arms and legs were motionless to the point that I couldn’t do as much as flail them by an inch. Feeling my heart hammer against my chest like a drum, I was beginning to worry that if I didn’t die of exhaustion, the probability of a heart attack would not be far off. Wearily raising my eyes to my kidnapper, I turned my head slightly and examined him.


Looking at him closely, I could now see his features up close. His eyelashes were long and white like cat whiskers, whilst his hair was messy and white.  Feeling absolutely powerless, I sighed deeply before looking down. I felt my cheeks redden as I stared at his bare chest. Whipping my eyes away I let out a little cry before diverting my eyes to the table. Feeling his chest rise and fall comforted me in a sense. His cold-bare chest heaved up and down as he wheezed.


Hold the thought…


Wasn’t there any heartbeat?


“No way” I stuttered.


Widening my eyes in complete horror, I shoved both of my hands on his chest and began trying to push myself away. The outburst of power had even taken me by surprise and it now looked like my arms were willing this time. If he didn’t have a pulse but was still breathing it could only mean one thing. He was either a zombie, vampire, werewolf or dying. Actually I don’t know about werewolf, but as far as I was concerned; being held hostage by someone with no heartbeat could only spell one thing.




Feeling his soft, cold skin under my hands I continued trying to heave myself off. On the seventh try, I rocked my body with all my might to the side of him. I felt my body roll over his and land next to his. Stopping as soon as I had landed, I began catching my breath again. Catching my breath steadily now, I turned my head slowly towards the figure. I felt my stomach swallow my heart as I looked into his eyes. He was now waking up, and it looked like his eyes were just beginning to open. Watching him rub his eyes slowly, he sat up and stretched.




Feeling a burst of energy, I stood up and bolted for the chair. Grabbing the chair unsteadily, I lifted it up and pointed it towards him.


“Who are you?” I asked threateningly.


As he withdrew his hands from his stretch, he turned around and looked at me. I froze. He was the boy from my dream. He had the same ice-cold eyes as me and looked like the spitting image of the figure from my dream.


“What?” the figure asked.


Now realizing that my jaw had dropped, I quickly shut it and looked at him seriously.


“Who are you?” I repeated.


“Jack Frost” he replied.


Jack Frost? Wasn’t he the one mentioned on the scroll? Eyeing him up and down, I landed my gaze back on his.


“What were you doing before I woke up?” Jack asked whilst raising an eyebrow.


“What do you mean?” I scoffed.


“To cut to the chase, why were you on top of me” Jack Frost asked bluntly.


Feeling blood rise to my cheeks, I felt my face burn up.


“I thought you were dead” I stuttered.


“Dead?” Jack asked.


He began to laugh and slap his knee.


Feeling my face burn up even more, I now realized why he was lying against the wall.


“Oh my god” I said slowly in shock horrow.


“What?” Jack laughed.


Jabbing the chair at him in the air, I looked at him bewildered.


“You’re a pervert, aren’t you?” I asked slowly.


Jack seized laughing abruptly. Watching his mouth slowly go ajar, he looked like a deer in headlights.


“A what?” he asked with his mouth still ajar.


“You kidnapped me and now you’re keeping me prisoner here because you’re a pervert” I said loudly.


Jack’s eyes began to widen whilst his face began to go pinkish.


“How dare you” he stuttered.


The air around Jack all of a sudden became thick. As Jack stood up slowly, he began walking over towards me. As Jack came closer and closer, I continued backing away further and further.


“Don’t come any closer” I said unevenly


Lifting the chair up above my head, I looked at him in the eyes.


Jack didn’t back away and kept coming closer.


“Why would I…” Jack stuttered.


Looking at him through narrowed eyes, I hoped that me efforts of making me not looked scared were working; because quite frankly I felt like I was going to cry or faint. Both would have been acceptable, except for the fact that I didn’t want this “vampire boy” getting satisfaction from it. Well maybe he wasn’t a vampire, but for the time being it was beginning to fit him quite well.


Jack stopped a meter away from me and crossed his arms. The cold air in an instant went back to normal, whilst the warmth began covering the expanse of the room.


“How?” Jack asked.


“How what?” I replied.


“Do I look like a pervert to you?” Jack asked.


Looking him up and down quickly, I shrugged.


“You don’t” I replied.


“And if I were a pervert, wouldn’t you think that tying you up would be more easier for me?” he asked slowly whilst raising an eyebrow.


Lowering the chair down slightly, I began to think about it. Sure, if he was a pervert of some kind he wouldn’t have given me the accessibility of freedom and he did have a point. But right now I didn’t know what he was or where I was and I needed answers.


“Okay then what are you?” I asked.


Jack’s face burrowed in confusion and scratched his head.


“Can we be more specific?” he asked.


Breathing aloud, I cleared my throat and straightened the chair out in front of me.


“Well for starters, you don’t have a heartbeat” I said.


Jack’s face darkened and placed his arms behind his back.


“It’s a long story” he muttered.


“Oh is it?” I mused.


Jack lowered his head and nodded once.


Looking at him again, I felt guilt pang in my chest as I realized that this expression was something that I had accustomed myself to my whole life. Whatever the answer was, I knew that now was not the time. Sighing inwardly, I cocked an eyebrow up.


“Okay then, moving unto the next question now” I said in an exaggerated manner.


Jack raised his head and cocked it to the side.


“Where are we? How did you save me? Do you know me? Do I know you? How much time have we been here for? If I can’t know what you are, then can I ask are you different?”  I ranted out.


There was silence after as Jack looked up at me and his face lit up.


“You sure have a lot of questions don’t you?” he mused.


Feeling my face redden from embarrassment, I looked down at the chair in my hands.


“Let’s make a deal then” he continued.


“A deal?” I asked.


Jack nodded.


“The start of the deal is putting that chair down” he stated.


Looking down at the chair and then him I narrowed my eyes again.


“Why?” I asked slowly.


Jack smiled slightly and looked like he was about to start laughing.


“Well” Jack said whilst smiling.


“Im hardly going to be in any sort of mood for a conversation if the person I am speaking to is threatening me with a chair like im a wild beast of some kind” he laughed.


I looked at for a while longer and then let my eyes go to rest.


“Fine, but on one condition” I replied.


Jack looked at me for a while and then nodded.


“You answer one of my questions now” I stated.


Jack looked down and then crossed his arms. His eyes diverted to the floorboards and furrowed his eyebrows in concentration. He looked up after a while and sighed.


“One?” he asked.


Nodding once, I now realized that my arms were now feeling strained from holding the chair up for so long.


Jack cupped both his hands together and put them to his lips. He began blowing into his hands whilst looking at the ceiling. After he had finished, he lifted his cupped hands and placed them in front of him. He held it in for a few seconds before releasing his hands. A small object fell from his hands as he now began putting his sole focus on the object. As the small object reached the ground, I looked on expecting it to hit the ground. But just as it did so, the item stopped just as it reached the floorboards. The object began to slowly sparkle and glow like tinsel on a Christmas tree. I looked in awe, as it began to rise higher and higher. The object was now at eye level and began to come closer to me. Looking at it come closer and closer I now felt the cool sensation of ice but also a different sense of feeling. As the object came into clear view, I felt my eyes widen as the item stopped one meter short of reaching my face. The small object was in fact a snowflake. A shimmer of cold wind surrounded the snowflake whilst it emitted a light that felt cool close up. The feeling was cool but it also felt warm; comforting in a sort of sense.


Looking past the snowflake, I now saw that Jack was looking at me with uncertain eyes. Slowly but steadily, I lowered the chair down and smiled at him. The snowflake began to lose light and within a moment, fragmented into bits of ice and snow. As the particles began to fall down, I looked down at my hands and felt something wet hit my bare arms. I looked down and now realized that I was crying. Raising my hands slowly to my face, I placed them on my cheeks and began to slowly rub away at them.


“Im not alone” I sobbed.


Jack smiled sadly and nodded.


“Not anymore”.

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