The cold never bothered me anyway

Elsa the snow queen has now been accepted by her kingdom but she soon realizes that the love she thought could keep her curse under control is now beginning to get out of control once again. Trying to find the answers might prove to be difficult, but Elsa is determined more then ever. How will she find true love? Is there a way? The only thing to help her is a small scroll that her parents had left inside the golden scepter, and the only thing that the scroll says is "Jack Frost"

(c)o copyrighted by ☃Olaf Productions☃

A Fan-Fiction of Elsa the snow queen and Jack Frost in a modernized version. This is my first story so any feedback would be appreciated.


12. Elements

Staring for a few minutes extra just to make sure, I turned around and stared at the door in absolute fear.


He was coming.


“No” I said unevenly.


Backing myself against the window I felt the wall painfully bang against my back. Sharp pain struck up through my back and to the back of my hand. Moaning heavily, I walked a bit forward before rubbing my back with both hands. The pain was beginning to slowly go away before it hit me.


“Heels” I said aloud.


Wriggling my fingers slowly, I turned around and saw where they had gone.


“Oh my god” I said slowly.


I had dropped the heels unaware and they were now on the floor. Now nothing would have been wrong except for one thing. The floor was beginning to alight. The heels had still been on fire when I had dropped them and they were now spreading the fire across the floor slowly. Running up to the heels frantically, I stood in front of it and saw it beginning to slowly travel along the floorboards. Holding my hands in front of the fire, I closed my eyes and began to imagine the ground becoming ice. When I opened my eyes I realized that I didn’t have my powers on me.  Seeing the flames lick the floor and feeling the smoke billow from the fire made me realize that I was completely out of my element.


“Help” I screamed.


I was frantic and now the murderer wasn’t the matter. If the murderer didn’t come and kill me first then the fire would. Breathing heavily, I began to stomp on the flames. The pain was unbelievable. It felt like apart of the sun had spat on the bottom of my foot and was beginning to consume my leg. As I felt my leg go limp, I began to hop away unsteadily. As soon as I reached the door, I leaned against it and looked at what I had started. The smoke was now an ashy black that was now licking the ceiling and turning it black. The fire had now begun spiralling up the walls and consuming the floorboards. Red and yellow sparks hissed as they flew up whilst pieces of wood curled before falling away. As I lifted my leg up, I looked down to now see that blood had begun dripping from it. The throbbing of the wound was painful but that was the least of my problems. I needed a way out and fast. Looking around frantically, I tried to look through the smoke but now I realized that it was becoming hard to see. I began shaking my head and felt tears escape my eyes. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen. I was going to find out the truth and find out more about the higher ups and bring justice. I was going to be the queen that Arendelle deserved. I was going to be there for my sister through thick and thin.


“I can’t die” I sobbed.


I felt my legs give way before I felt my head bang against the door. Looking in front now, I couldn’t see anything except black smoke and red waves of intense heat beating against it. I felt my breathing become hoarse and my eyes begin to water. Sliding myself down now, I craned my neck against the door and began frantically breathing. I could now feel the heat scraping at my legs and I now knew that in a matter of minutes I was going to die. Looking hazily through a straw-sized gap under the door, I now saw the hallway. This was the last thing that I was going to see. I felt my eyelids become heavier and heavier as the heat grew more and more intense.


“Save me” I hoarsely whispered.


In front of me all of a sudden, the walls began to change colour. The walls began to slowly become entangled with ice patterns of vines and flowers. The sight was absolutely marvellous. Looking up at the vines, I now looked down at the floor. A pair of eyes appeared out of the dark but I no longer felt afraid. The eyes were blue and cold like ice. Death had arrived. Pursuing my lips slightly, I felt my tears fall down. I slung my arms against the door and began to bang on the door pathetically.


“Take me already” I whispered.


“I beg of you”.


The breeze of cold air touched my eyes, as I looked into the eyes that were coming closer and closer. Even though death was cold, I was happy that I could feel it in my last seconds of life.


And then everything went black.





A woman knelt on the top of a hill and gazed at the full moon. It was nighttime and the grassy plains were bare. The grass danced and waved in the wind as the woman looked up at the moon and raised her hands gracefully.


“What have you called me for father?” the lady asked.


The moon glimmered and wavered before an outline of a figure appeared. The figure slowly descended and walked slowly towards the woman.


“Do not look” the figure warned.


“For you might lose your soul in the process”.


Nodding solemnly, the lady closed her eyes and pushed her face against the soft grass. The figure approached her and stopped a few meters distant from her in mid-air. The figure glowed like the moon and had long shimmering hair.


“Another child shall be born” the figure said.


“Another?” the woman asked.


“I have made a mistake with your kind and it is time to set it right. This will be the last time that I will contact you in this life time.” the figure replied.


Nodding slowly, the lady began to cry.


“Why me then, father?” the woman asked sadly.


“Because I will pass my heirloom to your blood descent” the figure replied.


“Within the timeframe of eternity, I have never met someone as virtuous and pure as you. For your kindness and compassion towards me, I will pass on my finale heirloom to your bloodline ” the figure said.


“I am honoured father, but will my blood be able to hold unto such power?” the woman asked curiously.


“Even though I am wise, I do not hold all the answers. I am giving your blood descent the heirloom under the condition that she will be a first born and will grow up strong and virtuous but will also face many hardships” the figure said.


“But what’s the good of passing your heirloom to our kind? Surely we are too meek for such a gift!” the lady cried.


“I made a mistake many decades ago and it is time to make it right. The first heirloom is lacking and so will the second, but together…” the figure said.


“Together?” the woman asked.


“They will bring happiness and peace to both themselves and others” the figure finally said.


With that, the figure descended and touched the woman’s shoulder. White light began to emit through the touch of the figure and slowly began to travel into the woman.


When the woman opened her eyes, there was no one there anymore. Looking up at the moon once again, she now spotted something falling from the sky. As it came closer and closer it finally landed on her hand. The cold, white powder landed on her hand as she winced.


It was snow.

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