The cold never bothered me anyway

Elsa the snow queen has now been accepted by her kingdom but she soon realizes that the love she thought could keep her curse under control is now beginning to get out of control once again. Trying to find the answers might prove to be difficult, but Elsa is determined more then ever. How will she find true love? Is there a way? The only thing to help her is a small scroll that her parents had left inside the golden scepter, and the only thing that the scroll says is "Jack Frost"

(c)o copyrighted by ☃Olaf Productions☃

A Fan-Fiction of Elsa the snow queen and Jack Frost in a modernized version. This is my first story so any feedback would be appreciated.


9. Déjà vu

I sat on the sofa whilst staring at the fireplace. Red smouldering lumps of black carbon hissed as smoke protruded from time to time. Anna had pleaded to stay with me but I couldn’t afford any distractions. In the end I persuaded her by saying that if she didn’t go back to her husband, then I would never forgive myself. Anna left while reminding me that she was coming over for a visit tomorrow. Pebbie and Bulda had also both left due to an important meeting between the two villages. Thinking about the way that tonight had gone down, something had felt different about Pebbie and Bulda tonight. They were much more different from the trolls that I had first met. When I saw Bulda walk in, the first thing I wanted to do was hug her. But tonight she seemed so out of it. Even as she came closer to me and showed me the fragments, her face was motionless. Leaning back on the sofa, I clasped my hands together and began slowly taking deep breaths.


“Breathe in…


then out…


As I opened my eyes, I quickly re-positioned myself on the sofa. It was hard to feel comfortable tonight.  In just one night, I had found out that the past twenty years of my life had been a life that I had no say in and it made me feel sick just thinking about it. Everything about tonight seemed so surreal, yet somehow it all made sense. My mother and father never really showed that much affection towards me, even when I was young and now I knew why.


They felt guilty.


They were keeping the details about the contract from me and knew that it was going to hurt me one day but never had the heart to confess. Even though I had been trying to make myself angry at their decision, I had failed every-single-time. They probably used to keep their distance from me because they wanted me to be mad at them. They probably thought they deserved to be hated and resented. But they had failed because something that they never knew was that every time I was feeling upset, I would always look at the picture of them room and remind myself that mother and father were normal and so were I. Even though I had the curse, it didn’t change the fact that I was human. That’s the reason why I wasn’t perfect and that was the reason why the higher ups didn’t like me owning the power. That’s why they wanted to take it off of my parents and me. But they had failed…


Turning over on the sofa, I began smothering my head into the lushness whilst kicking my legs in the air.


Something seemed off.


Why would Pebbie tell me that the higher ups were absolute but also make them out to be in a sense corrupted? Pebbie was never unsure of himself for as long as I had known him, but tonight it seemed that I was wrong. Was I over thinking everything? I knew that the way that I thought always needed evidence but I couldn’t get rid of the fact that tonight seemed familiar. Like somehow I had seen it before.




Rolling myself back on my back, I swung myself off the couch and stood frozen to the floor. Why would Pebbie tell me that we did not have a lot of time but instead of explaining why, he instead focused on something that I had never heard of before.


The higher-ups.


Shaking my head profusely, I kept on telling myself that I was wrong. But the night had seemed so perfect and everything played out a little “too well” except for one thing. I remembered when I had read Jack Frost’s name on the scroll that it had something written in small letters below it. Why would mother write the name of someone I never knew and then write below it a word that had nothing to do with it…

And it looked like Pebbie wanted me to take a proper look at it since after he showed me the script for the first time, he kept flashing the script in my face whilst giving me a quizzical look. But why? It’s not like I knew the guy. Pebbie knew that I was a bad liar and would have noticed if I was lying or not. Shaking my head once again whilst feeling my hair whip the back of my neck I stopped abruptly. He did know.


“No…” I whispered.


“It’s not possible”


I felt my eyes begin to widen as I still stood there. Ungluing my legs from there post mechanically, I began walking over to the window. Lifting my arm up curtly, I began using my sleeve to clear away the residue from the fog. Looking down at the front gate, I began focusing on it. As I continued staring at the gate, nothing seemed odd. Some of the village lights were turned on while the streets were deserted at this time of night. Sighing slightly, I began to turn my head before something caught my eye. Whirling my head back to the window, I now saw a figure walking. Tracing his footsteps, I watched on as the figure walked to the left and in about five minutes of him disappearing behind the wall, he reappeared and went past the gate before disappearing to the right. I hadn’t been informed of any guards…


Quickly turning myself around, I began to walk towards the door as quickly as my feet would let me. As I reached the door, I stopped and carefully leaned against the door with my ear against it. Noise. I felt my breath become ragged as I placed my hand on the doorknob.  Turning it slowly, I felt the contraption whir against the door before abruptly stopping. There was no click. Slowly letting go of the handle, I felt my body go limp. Walking over to the sofa, I slumped down into the sofa before looking up at the ceiling.


“Déjà vu” I whispered.

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