The cold never bothered me anyway

Elsa the snow queen has now been accepted by her kingdom but she soon realizes that the love she thought could keep her curse under control is now beginning to get out of control once again. Trying to find the answers might prove to be difficult, but Elsa is determined more then ever. How will she find true love? Is there a way? The only thing to help her is a small scroll that her parents had left inside the golden scepter, and the only thing that the scroll says is "Jack Frost"

(c)o copyrighted by ☃Olaf Productions☃

A Fan-Fiction of Elsa the snow queen and Jack Frost in a modernized version. This is my first story so any feedback would be appreciated.


2. A dream?

Looking outside the window, I breathed in the fresh, cold air that drifted lazily into the room. The children had another sleep over and had conducted their usual routine of hide and seek. Well it had started off normal, until something happened.


The children were obviously missing Olaf and Anna tonight. Anna had gone on her honeymoon a few weeks ago with Kristoff, and Olaf had tagged along because he was eager to experience “all things hot in summer”. Olaf had been more excited then Anna or Kristoff, since their first destination was Hawaii; wherever that is. They had invited me to come along but I knew that it would be wrong if I tagged along. The children seemed less engaged with hide and seek since Anna and Olaf usually made the game that much more exciting, I told the children that there was going to be a surprise. To make the game a bit more exciting... I filled the castle with fog. Closing my eyes and letting my mind go blank, I felt the power surge into the air as I felt the air mystify.

After the air had dampened, the children began to squeal with delight and changed the game to murder in the fog. Whilst the kids were running around and playing I took a break and sat myself down at a room with a fireplace. Anna and Olaf didn’t like this room for some reason. I had tried to get an answer out of them but both of them would not tell me. Sitting myself next to the fireplace, I began to close my eyes and concentrate. I could sense all the eight children within the house since the fog surrounded them. I could sense all the children having a lot more fun now, which caused my mouth to slightly perk upwards. It only lasted for a second before I began frowning. I couldn't help it. After I had given Kristoff and Anna my blessing, they had both gone before I knew it. I mean, I knew that they were going to be back, but for the past few weeks I was feeling… well like my old self. After my sister and I had made up I soon realised that I was not the only she had in her heart. Kristoff was the only one that could make Anna smile and laugh in a way that I knew was special. Even though I had found love through the warmness of my sister, I soon realised I was sharing her with someone… her husband. 
“Don’t be daft” I muttered to myself. I mean Kristoff was a great guy, they both deserved each other but I…. well I had no one once again. Lifting my knees above my head on both sides, I pushed my knees against my ears and began to let the cold takeover. This is what I do whenever I felt alone. 

Just like before.

Sitting down on the ground I slowly lifted my head and realised something was wrong. Snapping myself back into reality, I began to focus on the children. The happiness that was once there was now gone. Standing up frantically I took in a deep breath and clasped my hands together. As soon as the fog had evaporated, I began to run around the building calling for the children.


Still standing for what had seemed like hours, I felt myself getting emotional. Because I had focused on being selfish and not on the children, I had unconsciously put them all to sleep. After I had ran around and found all the children, they were all lying down in different spots in the castle asleep. As soon as I found a child I would carry them back to the room where I had been sitting before. Within an hour I had found them all and placed them in front of the fireplace before setting it alight. Standing a few meters away from the children, I continued to look down on the city of Arrendelle. Was I ready to be queen? Without putting too much thought into it, I had put eight small children to sleep by using fog. I had used the fog a few weeks ago and that was when it was out of control. Could I control my curse? Lifting my eyes solemnly something fell in my eye. Blinking a few times I cleared my vision and looked up, it was snowing. I wasn’t making it snow; I mean I hadn’t tried to make it snow with my consent. Although I kept telling myself it wasn’t me I knew that it was. I could feel the same dreadful power just like when my powers went pear shaped and nearly destroyed the entire kingdom. The power did not feel like elegant, but instead more sharper and painful to feel and look at. This had happened before though and Anna had helped me find a way of controlling it. Lifting both hands outside the window, I closed my eyes and began to concentrate on love. I felt the blue sparks begin to tickle my hands as I thought of Anna. I thought of how one night we ordered a banquet of chocolate food and ate it all in one night. The end result was a horrible tummy ache but both of us never regretted it. I could now feel the snow slowly but surely beginning to stop. Concentrating on Anna, the scene all of a sudden changed. I was now imagining a stranger wearing a blue hood. He was in front of me. I looked up at him and he smiled when I met his eyes. They flashed from brown to blue and then back. “How about we play a game?” the boy asked. Something about his eyes kept me staring at him head on. I couldn't help it… they were the exact same eyes that I looked at when I was in the mirror.


The eyes of someone who had lost, gained, cried and hurt.


The eyes of someone who was… different

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