Blind Love

"Are you crazy?" everyone seemed to ask him. The more he was asked the more he felt it. But he didn't care if they called him crazy, stupid. The love he felt for Skyler was much too strong. The love that he was looking for, was right in front of him. She was blind, she couldn't see a thing. Unlike Landon, who was normal and had no problems with is eye sight and was a perfectly average teen. But when the new girl Skyler moves into the house next to him and goes to the same school, everything changes for him.


1. Chapter 01

- Skyler's POV -


"Sweetie, get up." a soft sweet and gentle voice whispered. It was almost so quite that I probably wouldn't have even heard it. But I had forced myself to open my eyes sitting up slowly as I felt my mother's hand rubbing my back still asking if I was okay. Every morning, she'd come in my room telling me to get up, then rubbing my back asking if I was okay. It's not like I'm new to not being able to see, I've been blind ever since I was 7. Obviously me being young at the time I didn't understand what was happening. It was just a sudden rush of darkness. It was black and empty. I've never felt so alone, but here I am, I just moved to a new town, new house, new school... new life. 

"Mom, for probably the 500th time, I am fine. No need to worry about me." I said trying to give her the best smile that I could. Slowly moving my hand over hers which was now on my shoulder, giving her hand a quick squeeze before before letting out a short lived laugh. 

"You know I cant stop worrying about you. Mother's instinct." She let of a soft chuckle making me smile. I loved hearing my mom laugh. It was probably the only thing to reassure me that she was fine. But even then I cant see her facial expression while she's laughing. 

I stood up, seeing how I just moved to the new house I wasn't very use to the new setting. As I moved my hands around touching the walls and desk, at one point I almost ended up breaking a lamp. 

"Honey, let me help y-" quickly cutting my mom up not wanting her pity I shook my head.

"I got it mom, really, I have to get use to my room some how." I responded smiling weakly. Honestly, I did want help, no, I needed help. But knowing my mom she would tell me that maybe going to a public school isn't the best thing, that I should go back to homeschooling. Which I hated. I ended up in my bathroom, leaving the door open seeing how it was just me and my mom plus my step dad was at work. 

Once I stepped into the shower I ran my hand down the side of a bottle. Feeling the size and structure of the bottle, then popping open the cap. A sweet smell of lavender came oozing out and it left a sweet linger on my hands as I squeezed some out and rubbing it in my hair. Little things like this made me happy. Knowing that not too long ago my mom would be in here with me washing me down like I was truly disabled. As if there was something wrong with not only my eyes, but my hands and legs as well. I'm happy that I can start going to school and interact with other people my age then just doctors and sometimes nurses. 

With the towel wrapped around me and making my way over to my bed I could already feel the clothes that my mom had probably put out for me. After my clothes were on I went out my room and down the hallway quickly finding the stairs and holding onto the railing walking down step by step taking my time. 

"I cant drive you to school today sweetie, I just got a call from work to come in early." my mom said as she handed me my bag rubbing my arm. 

"It's fine, I can just take the bus." I responded assuming that there was an actual bus that would come and pick me up. 

"Okay, remember your phone is in the front pocket of the bag. And just slide it over to unloc-"

"I got it mom, I'm not five." I said laughing at my own lame joke. There was a long pause and I could tell that she was probably giving me a glare that would make any child stop what they were doing and aplogize, but of course I wouldn't be able to see that. Next thing I new she walked me out the door telling me to have fun and be safe at school. I could hear the loud car engine drive off as the garage door closed down behind me.

"So, I just need to wait for the bus and get to school. Pretty simple." I said to myself quietly as I just stood in front of my house staring straight. Not knowing that there was a house right across from me.


- Landon's POV -


"Dude, where are you? I just saw Zoe and damn, she is looking mighty sexy! I hope you didn't forget you got school today." I could hear everything that my friend was saying seeing how there was a loud beep that had woke me up. I sat up listening to him not really caring until he said school. I jumped up running over to the phone picking it up as I looked over at my alarm clock.

"The fuck!? Why didn't you call earlier! It's 7:08, now it's 9!" I yelled through the phone putting it on speaking.

"Woah, calm down, I just thought you were already up but it's a good thing I called right?" He said laughing along with some other people in the background. This was one of my closest friends, Dylan. Known each other since 5th grade. Damn, now that I think about it that's a long ass time. 

"Shut up, when can you come pick me up?" I said spraying some air freshener all over my body before throwing on some quick clothes that I found on the floor. 

"You're in luck we're already here. I kinda had a feeling you'd be late today." Dylan said letting out a loud laugh. I heard a honk and just ran out my room grabbing a banana looking for my shoes.

"Hey, but who's the hot girl staring at your house?" Dylan said with a scared yet amused tone.

"Hot girl? I don't know any girls who live near me. Are you sure it's even a girl?" I said laughing as I threw my bag over my shoulder picking up my IPhone. 

"Ey I'm sure, she's just staring, it's actually kinda weird." my friend said sighing almost as if he was annoyed. 

"I don't know but I'm hanging up." I said before Dylan could say anything as I walked out the house locking it. I had a huge grin on my face when I saw Dylan just sitting in his Jeep with the same old stupid smirk that I always made fun of him for. I walked over to the car giving him a high five and sitting down next to him. 

"Did you see the girl? Isn't she weird?" He asked shaking his head pointing over to some girl standing across the street. I hit his hand as I looked over at the girl blinking a few times.

"Pointing isn't very nice. Dumbass." I said whispering the last part. That he of course head earning a hit in the arm from him. I shrugged and just stared at the girl who wasn't even blinking.

"Lets drive over to her. Ask her if she's lost or something cause I've never seen her before." I said feeling a bit guilty. Dylan seemed annoyed though seeing how he groaned and mumbled saying that they were already late and he didn't have time to give some random girl a ride. Of course he ended up driving over to her. 

"Hey, you lost or something?" Dylan said ask we both watched her take a few steps back.

"Um, yeah isn't there a bus suppose to be coming here?" She asked with no emotion in her face at all.

"Uh no, the only way to get to school is by car or walking." I said trying not to sound rude. I thought she was really stupid. The last time I took the bus to school was 2nd grade.

"Oh. Well do you know how to get to um Riverwood Highschool?" She questioned us. Both Dylan and I exchanged glances at each other.

"We're actually going there right now. I guess we could give you a ride." I said as Dylan just kept pinching my arm making it red.

"Really? Thank you so much! I'm new here and well I don't want my mom to worry about me so-"

"It's fine, just get in the back." Dylan cut her off. He obviously didn't care to hear about why she looked so stupid just standing there and honestly neither did I. Dylan and I watched her move her hands around in the air as if she was blindfolded and couldn't see anything. She touched the car door and opened it and I could tell she was struggling to sit down. Once she was seated Dylan just glared at me and drove off.

"I-I'm Skyler Reed. Um, I'm sorry, I just kinda. Well, to put it simply I'm blind." she said as if it was nothing. I stared at Dylan who seemed to look even more annoyed then earlier. 

"Dude, she's fucking blind." Dylan said whispering to me.

"She's blind not deaf moron." I said looking back at Skyler waving my hand over her face to see if she had any reaction to it.

"Please don't wave your hand over my eyes. Yes. I can't see and I'm blind but I can still sense things like you just waving your hand around me." Skyler said in the nicest tone I've probably ever heard. Feeling guilty I turned back around sulking in my seat.

"I'm Landon and my friend here is Dylan." I said glancing at her through the mirror. She looked relaxed but her face was just blank no emotion what so ever.

"It's nice to meet you. Landon and Dylan. I hope you guys can be my first friend's here." She said as she smiled brightly and sweetly. I felt my heart flutter and it felt like my stomach just dropped. I felt my face heating up. This feeling, I've had it before and it ended badly. Get yourself together Landon. She's blind. She can't see you. Or anything for that matter. Do NOT get involved with her. I kept telling myself basically the whole ride there. But even so, I couldn't stop this feeling.


- Author's Note -

Okay, that was the first chapter, tell me what you think. It probably sucks but only because it's the first chapter and it's kinda starting off slow so please look forward to the future chapters. Also there's bad words in here and I'll try to not have it in there too much so just tell me what you think and the characters background and things like that will be in the next chapter so yeah. Also sorry for some of the spelling mistakes not really in the mood to fix it.

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