They're Back

Harry and Louis, "The Bad Boys," are back. Read to find out more.


1. Chapter 1

Shyann's POV

Christy and I walk into school, talking and laughing like usual but something seems different. "Why is it so quiet?" Christy asks and I look around and notice people hovering around the lockers. We walk over to a shy looking girl. "Hey Amy, why is everyone so quiet?" I ask and she looks frightened at the sound of my voice. "They're back." She says and I look to Christy, confused as ever and she just shrugs. We go to our lockers which are side by side. Two girls were leaning on them and I sigh. "Excuse us!" I exclaim, agitated. I physically push them both up and Christy hits her locker and it pops open and I pull up the lever on mine without even turning the combination and I start getting books out of my locker. Everyone starts talking again but I am still curious of why they were quiet in the first place.

Christy and I stand against our lockers since there is about 20 more minutes left until school starts. "No, it was so funny, he was talking about an ostrich, they way he was demonstrating it was so funny, I will have to show you the video later." Christy says, laughing so hard she almost snorts which causes me to laugh. "Yo cows, quiet down." I turn to see Barbie bitch and her group of followers. "Yo slut, close your legs." I say, glaring at her. "Oh, how original." She says in her nasally voice. "Listen Victoria, just shut up and go or I will get physical." Christy says and Victoria turns to her and scoffs. "What are you going to do? Eat me? Pig." She says and anger boils inside of me. "You shut your mouth!" I shout and Christy turns away. "Is piggy going to cry?" Taylor mocks, making pig noises. The next thing I know, Christy's fist collides with Taylor's cheek. "Is cunt face going to cry?" She asks, practically spitting her words at her. I stare at Christy in disbelief and she looks at me with a sheepish grin on her face. It goes quiet again and everyone is staring at the front doors. I look up and there are five boys standing there, staring around at everyone. The curly headed boy's eyes lock mine and we stare at each other until he turns and walks toward the office.

Christy's POV

Five boys are standing in the doorway, the first thing I notice is the guy with teal eyes, my eyes would not leave his face. He suddenly makes eye contact with me, sending shivers up and down my back. He turns to follow the curly headed boy in front of him and the three behind him trail behind to the office. Who are they?

Authors Note

Ello! Christy the Co Author here, so, chapter one, what do you think so far? Leave comments? :) -Mrs.Tomlinsonxx

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