life has gotten better..

Riley and her best friend bailey live in the US.they are both 16 they are more like sisters then they are best friends. One day Riley and Bailey went to there dance studio like everyday. they where always the first ones there to get some extra time in,but when they where done Riley did not wont to go home because she new her mom would be awake and be waiting for her to get home.


1. chapter one

     I woke up to my phone going off and as soon as I head the ringtone I new it was Bailey. I picked up my phone and she yelled in the phone.

"hello, where are you, i have been at star-bucks for about 25 min waiting for you.. "

" OMG Bailey i have over slept i will be there in 10 min"

"kk, you better be fast because if we wont to get some extra time in at the studio we have to be there at 10 because class starts at 12."

"KK, i will be there in 10 min."

"k bye."

I hung up the phone i jumped out of my bed and i grabbed my short-shorts and my sports bra and i got my bag and put some jean shorts and a crop-top in my bag. I tryed my best not to make any noise so i wouldn't wake up my mom. I finely got down the stairs and out the door without making  any noise. I got my car keys out of my purse and got in my car and headed to star-bucks. 

  I got to star-bucks and seen Bailey sitting in the back so i go and sit with her,

"Hey,lets go get are coffee and let get going we only have 35 min till 10."

"kk, get mine and i will be in your car because i walked today."

"KK, be there in a few, hey since you walked here did you wont me to drop you off at your place?"

" yes thanks,"

"no problem"

   I went up to the counter while Bailey went out to my ugly car, i really need to get a new one.ya maybe in a million years i think to myself. So i ordered are coffee's and went to the car. i got in and started it up and drove off to the dance studio.   

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