life has gotten better..

Riley and her best friend bailey live in the US.they are both 16 they are more like sisters then they are best friends. One day Riley and Bailey went to there dance studio like everyday. they where always the first ones there to get some extra time in,but when they where done Riley did not wont to go home because she new her mom would be awake and be waiting for her to get home.


5. chapter 5

                            Riley's dad P.O.V 

  we where all sitting down watching a movie enjoying the whole 3 months that Louis has off when the phone rings. Louis gets up and answers it. i pause it so he can hear.

louis comes back and says 

"dad, you are wonted on the phone."

"who is it?"

"i don't no, hold on"

" she said her name was Bailey stone."

after i heard that name i jumped out of my chair and ran out to the phone.

" bailey what wrong"

"hi Mark, its Riley you need to come down here as soon as you can."

"what happened"

"i dont no if you no this or not but Rileys mom has been beating her ever since about a year after you left and this time she went to far and now she is in the hospital .

"oh my god, how is she,"

"i dont no they wont tell me because i am not over 18."

"ok i will be on the next plane."

"OK "

i hung up and went to the living room and turned off the t.v ,everyone looked at me so i sat down.

"what's wrong dad , why are you crying ?"

"do you guys remember me telling you guys that you had a sister, that is my daughter 

"ya why?"

"well, that was her best friend on the phone and she told me that she is in the hospital."

"omg, dad . is she OK?"

"i don't no Louis, the doctors wont tell her anything because she is not family"

" well what do you wont to do dad"

"i am going to catch the next flight to California, if that is alright with everyone."

"of course"

"ok, now louis i no you just got back but i was wondering if you would come with me because i dont wont to go by myself and your mom has to watch kids so would you go with me."

"sure dad, lets go get packing"

me and louis get up and go get are stuff packed. when i am done i get my suitcase and call a taxi to take us there.

"Louis are you ready?" 

"yep, coming."

He comes down stairs just as the taxi pulls up. i kiss everyone goodbye and me and louis gets in the taxi. 

"Airport please "

we pull out of the drive way and head to the airport. 

          10 minutes later..

we walk in the airport and we go to get are tickets.

" two tickets to California please"

"right away sir ."

" now how long is it going to be?"

" you don't have to wait , you just got here in time, the last plane to California takes off in 5 min and the gate is right over there."

"thank you "

"your welcome sir have a great flight."

"thank you"

i walk over to Louis and i tell him lets go. just in time to because a fan spoted him and stared to sream we run over to the gate and go through just in time. we get on the plane and we find are seets and we sit down.

"how long is the flight dad?"

"umm . 4 hours i think "


after about 5 minutes the plane takes off. 

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