life has gotten better..

Riley and her best friend bailey live in the US.they are both 16 they are more like sisters then they are best friends. One day Riley and Bailey went to there dance studio like everyday. they where always the first ones there to get some extra time in,but when they where done Riley did not wont to go home because she new her mom would be awake and be waiting for her to get home.


4. chapter 4


"hi, can i speak to Mark Tomlinson please?"

"Sure, hold on"

"i hear the guy that was on the the other end yell ..DAD you are wonted on the phone."

i wait for about a minute and they start talking again.

"he wont's to no who it is?"

"k, tell him it Bailey Stone."

"k hold on please"


" bailey what wrong"

"hi Mark, its Riley you need to come down here as soon as you can."

"what happened"

"i dont no if you no this or not but Rileys mom has been beating her ever since about a year after you left and this time she went to far and now she is in the hospital .

"oh my god, how is she,"

"i dont no they wont tell me because i am not over 18."

"ok i will be on the next plane."

"ok "

i hung up and went to the waiting room and waited for mark to get here"


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