life has gotten better..

Riley and her best friend bailey live in the US.they are both 16 they are more like sisters then they are best friends. One day Riley and Bailey went to there dance studio like everyday. they where always the first ones there to get some extra time in,but when they where done Riley did not wont to go home because she new her mom would be awake and be waiting for her to get home.


3. chapter 3

Bailey P.O.V 


After i hung up the phone with Riley i ran down stairs and told Ally where i was going because it was after 10 and i am not aloud to go anywhere after 10. I told Ally and she said go right ahead and she said to call her to tell her how Riley is doing i said OK and ran out of the house and ran right to Riley's it only took me about 5 minutes for me to get there. when I tryed to oped the door but it didn't open so i grabbed my key that Riley gave me and oped the door. I opened the door and seen Riley on the floor laying on her back and coughing up blood. I ran strait to her and put her on her side. When she stoped i got up and called the police.

 They came abut 5 minuted later and they took Riley to the hospital and i got in the back with her. All i was thinking about is if she was going to be OK i don't no what i would do with out her.  

                                                               1 hour later 

 Right now i am waiting for the doctors to say that i can see her but they said that they have to do some tests on her then i can see her. while i am sitting in the waiting room a doctor comes in. "

"Anyone here for Riley Tomlinson"

"i am"

"hello i am Riley's doctor, are you family of Riley's?"

"no, how is she?"

"i am sorry but i have to speak with one of Riley's parents before i tell you anything"


"Sorry but unless you are over 18 then i am sorry"

"what ever to you to" 

after that i walked off pissed. then i remembered, i can call Riley's dad.

i looked through the phone book and after about 5 minutes of looking in the phone book i found his name.

i took a deep breath and typed in his number.

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