life has gotten better..

Riley and her best friend bailey live in the US.they are both 16 they are more like sisters then they are best friends. One day Riley and Bailey went to there dance studio like everyday. they where always the first ones there to get some extra time in,but when they where done Riley did not wont to go home because she new her mom would be awake and be waiting for her to get home.


2. chapter 2

  Dance class was finely over me and Bailey got changed and headed home. I pull into the drive way of the foster house for girls live. I drop off Bailey and head home witch i don't wont to go. I always felt bad for bailey,both of her parents died 6 years ago and since then she has been in foster care..She was the only one of my friend that new my dad before my mom kicked him out.Me and my dad talked for about 2 years after he left then we lost contact because of his job,i don't no where he lives or anything,but i do miss him alot. 

  After about 10 minutes i got home,i looked at my flip phone that i had for about 3 years now and checked the time "3:20" i read it and i really didn't wont to go in now because i no that my mom is awake i get out of my car and walk in the house, ready for what is coming to me. 

        I walk in i turned around and got slapped so hard i flu right back into the door. 

I hit my head on the wall and fell. 

"get up"

when she said that i didn't get up so she started kicking me and hitting me i tryed to stop her but every time i tryed she would hit me even harder.

  after about 5 more minutes of kicking me she stop and walked out of the house. when she left i got out my phone and called bailey,after about 3 rings she picked up.


"Bailey, i need help, come to my house now please. You only have a few minutes until she comes back"

"OK, i will be right there.."


after i hung up i tryed my best to get up but i only got far enough to lock the door. When i got the door locked i fell back down and started to cough up blood. i just hope Bailey gets here fast, i said to my self. 


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