Aberdeen Perrin is dating Niall Horan, from One Direction. Simon Cowell wants Niall to be dating his daughter, Cassidy, but Niall thinks Cassidy is spoiled and bratty and doesn't wanna sate her. Niall is scared that if he goes public with Aberdeen then Simon will fire him therefore, Niall tells everyone that Aberdeen is his sister, not even the boys know. But what will happen when Aberdeen is sick of pretending to be with his sister? What will happen when she thinks Niall is cheating on her with Cassidy? Find out in: "Complicated"


2. Tilda Perrin

Aberdeen's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping. I groaned, but then realized TODAY IS SATURDAY!!! Oh how I love Saturday's. I jumped out of bed and went to the shower. I washed my hair while singing "OH OH OH OH OH OH SO PUT YOUR HANDS UP OH OH OH OH OH OH CUZ ITS A STAND UP." I finished my shower and wrapped a towel around my self while humming. I picked out my clothes: 

I blow dried my hair and I didn't put on any make up because I wasn't planning on impressing anyone or going outside anyways. I went downstairs and I smelled something yummy. I walked into the kitchen and saw a great breakfast. Pancakes, Bacon, eggs, toast, muffins and right in the center of it there was a huge chocolate cake with the words "Happy Birthday Aberdeen" written in frosting.

Oh my gosh! I totally forgot it was my birthday! How can I forget my own birthday? I'm so stupid. "Happy Birthday Aberdeen" My family yelled. "oh my gosh guys thank you!" I said as I hugged my mom and dad and then picked up my little sister Tilda. 

Tilda is my little sister who is 8 years old. She looks exactly like I did when I was her age. She has blonde hair and green eyes. She is a very friendly kid and she is very positive to. I love her to death.

"Happy birthday Abby" Tilda said and hugged me one more time before I put her down.  "Morning Wyatt" I said as my 14 year old step brother walked in. "Morning. Happy birthday Abby." He said as he hugged me and sat down.

You are probably confused right now well let me explain. When I was 11, my mom got pregnant with Tilda. My father and mother didn't have that spark that they used to have and so, they got divorced. Then when my sister was about two years old, my mom got remarried to a guy and his son is Wyatt and before you ask yes, I call my step father my 'dad' because he raised me since I was 13 and he is practically my father. I never saw my biological dad since I was 11 because I don't really want to. I imagine him married to another woman probably raising their own kids and he probably forgot about me anyways.

I sat and ate my breakfast while talking to my family. It was starting off to be a great day that is until the boys, Simon, and Cassidy showed up.

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