Aberdeen Perrin is dating Niall Horan, from One Direction. Simon Cowell wants Niall to be dating his daughter, Cassidy, but Niall thinks Cassidy is spoiled and bratty and doesn't wanna sate her. Niall is scared that if he goes public with Aberdeen then Simon will fire him therefore, Niall tells everyone that Aberdeen is his sister, not even the boys know. But what will happen when Aberdeen is sick of pretending to be with his sister? What will happen when she thinks Niall is cheating on her with Cassidy? Find out in: "Complicated"


1. Aberdeen Perrin

Aberdeen's P.O.V

Well, hi there. My name is Aberdeen Perrin. Yes i know its a weird name but thats a long story. Basically, when my mom got her first test to see what gender the baby was going to be, the doctor said she was going to have twins: a boy and a girl. So, my parents started to think of names they thought of Amber for a girl and Dean for a boy. My brother had a disease and died right after he was born, we don't really like to talk about it. Anyways, I was a bit sick, but after about a month of being in the hospital, I was released and I grew up healthy and happy. My parents named me Aberdeen because its Amber and Dean practically put together and I know I always have Dean with me. 

So, My name is Aberdeen Perrin. I am 19 going-on-20 next month. Some of you might know me as the supposedly sister of Niall Horan. I'm not going to deny that but I will not say I am. I can't tell you even if I wanted to but since I'm technically thinking and not telling you... But first you have to promise that you won't tell anyone. Promise? okay good. 

Okay so, basically Niall and I are dating, but Simon's stupid daughter, Cassidy, is apparently 'in love' with him so since she is 'in love' with my boyfriend, Simon has to give what his princess wants. Even if that Princess is 16!!!!! Simon even threatened Niall that if he doesn't give Cassidy what she wants then he's fired. That's not even what bugs me the most, Cassidy apparently 'all of a sudden' started liking Niall when she saw us kiss. Cassidy knows that we aren't siblings and she's using it against us.

If you were anyone then you would think Niall and Cassidy are absolutely in love with each other and that Niall is a sweet and caring half brother of me, Aberdeen Perrin a.k.a. Aberdeen Horan. 

If you were Niall or I then you would KNOW that we are dating and behind closed doors we do what every other couple does and that even though everyone thinks we are siblings we won't let anyone tear us apart. Not Cassidy, Simon or anyone else

If you were Cassidy you would probably think that torturing me and Niall is soo fun. Watching us get hurt and maybe you can't see or hear it but we love each other and no matter how hard you try, you will never break us apart.

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