The Horrible Truth

In England, all Americans have to be killed immediately. Nobody knows why. David Cameron, president of England, ordered this just 1 week ago. Arianna Deakin, an american, is 19 years old. Arianna goes through a maze of obstacles, to live through this horrible period of time. From hiding in alleyways, staying in abandoned houses, going into many camps that the Brits( British Nazis) have dragged her into. Arianna's only hope, is to survive.


2. Chapter 2

Dylan's POV

We ran, ran as fast as our feet could take us. Passed the Gym, the Pool, And even Bailey's house. I hate him. He broke Arianna's Heart 3 times, yet she forgave him, all three times. I don't Like like Arianna. I just Love her, as a friend. We met when we were both 12, Her dad was an alcoholic. She would hide in her greenhouse when he was drunk, I always found her, it was like she went there for me to come. One night, we slept in there and we heard footsteps coming in the greenhouse, thank god, it was her mom. She had come to check on us. The next 5 years went by and her mom, and dad died, and so did my family. She still payed for the house, I had no idea where she got the money, but she payed for me and her to live there. One year later, This all started. All our rights were taken away from us. All the American's that were captured were put into camps used to work them to death.
"Stop, There's an alley. Let's take a break there." I say, walking toward the Alley. We sat down and Arianna unzipped her backpack and pulled out a dog bowl and poured some food in it. She pulled out another bowl and a water bottle, and poured water in the bowl. Max moved closer to the bowls and set to filling himself.
"I hate David Cameron so much." She said, looking up at me from Max.
"You know, I've always wondered why he hates Americans so much." I said to her.
"Me too. I mean, we're just normal people." She said, adjusting Max's food bowl so he could reach the rest of the food. "We just have different traditions is all."
"Where are we going to go?" I asked.
"I have no idea." She says, looking toward the end of the alley. "Did you hear that?"
"Yeah, it sounds like someone walking." I said, moving towards the end of the Alleyway.
"Hello?." The voice said turning towards the alleyway. "Survivors!"
The man rushed over to us. "Are you American?" he asked.
"Yes." she  said moving back with Max. "Are you going to hurt us?"
"No. We save people running from the Brits." He said.
"Oh, so are you like saving us now?" she asked again.
"Yes, you can come with me." The man said.

We packed up and got into his car. We had found a place.

Here is Max.




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