Her Daddy

Carly Sanders was Niall's girlfriend. She got pregnant and didn't tell her boyfriend. He left for X-Factor. Her daughter is now 3 years old. What will happen when he shows up against?


9. Chapter 9

Niall's POV:

I was sitting on my bed watching tv since I had a few hours to get ready for my date with Carly, When my phone started ringing. I got up and looked at the I.D it was unknown. "Hello." "Hi is this Niall." "Yes." "This is St. Peter's Hospital. We need you to get her immediately." I hung up and ran to my car. I tested Harry to bring Emily to the hospital.

It took about five minutes to get there because I was speeding. I rushed in and told the nurse Carly Sanders. She told me to go to room 320. After waiting in the Elevator that went very very slow I got to the room. I saw the doctor holding a clipboard.

"What happened." "Your girlfriend Carly she got into a car accident." "Is she okay." "I'm sorry to say that she did not make it. I'm sorry for your loss I will need you yo sign papers." I sat down and the tears just didn't stop. Then the door opened. And I saw my baby.

"Daddy what happened." She said.

"Mommy was hurt and she had to leave. Princess she is not coming back." I said and looked at her her eyes were glossy with tears.

"Where is she?" She asked.

"She is in Heaven."

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