Her Daddy

Carly Sanders was Niall's girlfriend. She got pregnant and didn't tell her boyfriend. He left for X-Factor. Her daughter is now 3 years old. What will happen when he shows up against?


6. Chapter 6

Carly's POV:

Last night Niall slept over. We talked about everything and he told me how much he loves his band. Today we're leaving to go on the tour bus. We packed our stuff last night. Niall told me he is really excited for Emily to meet Lux. I rolled out of bed and got into the shower. I heard the bathroom door open and I felt someone get in the shower. I turned around and saw Niall.

He grabbed the shampoo.and he washed his hair. When I was done I kissed him and got out while he was still in there I went to my closet and picked out an outfit.

Outfit 2 :http://www.polyvore.com/outfit_her_daddy_fanfiction/set?id=114291924&lid=3375296

 After I got changed I grabbed my shoes. I turned und and saw Niall standing there in only a towel. I sent him a small smile and threw him his clothes. "I'm going to wake up Emily's." I said and he nodded.

 I walked over to Emily's room and saw her getting changed. "Hey babygirl." I said and sat on her bed. "Hi mommy." She put on her little conversed and sat on my lap. "You look adorable." I said. "Thanks." She said.


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