Her Daddy

Carly Sanders was Niall's girlfriend. She got pregnant and didn't tell her boyfriend. He left for X-Factor. Her daughter is now 3 years old. What will happen when he shows up against?


5. Chapter 5

Niall's POV:

"Yes baby I'm your daddy." I said. Carly just watched Emily. "DADDY!" She screamed coming up to me and hugging me. I started tearing up. "Hi Emily." I said. She hugged me tighter. "Where we're you Daddy?" She asked with glossy eyes.

"Daddy was away but he is never leaving you again." I told her. She smiled and kissed my cheek. "Baby why don't you go play with your toys I have to talk to daddy." Carly said. Emily nodded and went to her doll house.

"I missed you Ni." Carly said. "I missed you too." "Why didn't you call." "I was to upset that I had to leave you." She gave me a hug. "Your coming with me." I said. "What?" "Were going on tour on the bus for a while and you and Emily are coming with me. I don't care what management says." I told her. "Ok. I love you Ni." She said and kissed me. "Ewwy!!" We stopped kissing and looked at Emily she had her hands over her eyes.

 I walked over to her and grabbed her hands. "It's ok baby." I said. She lifted her arms up as a sign she wanted me to hold her. I picked her up and went back to Carly. "I love you too. We're a family." I said and hugged them both.

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