Her Daddy

Carly Sanders was Niall's girlfriend. She got pregnant and didn't tell her boyfriend. He left for X-Factor. Her daughter is now 3 years old. What will happen when he shows up against?


3. Chapter 3

Niall's POV:

I can't believe that Carly had a child. My child! She went three years without my help. At first I was angry but realized that being angry wouldn't solve anything. I can't wait to  my baby girl tomorrow and see Carly. I never stopped loving her. I just couldn't call her I was to upset.

I ran to Harry and Lou's flat and just walked that in. "Harry! Lou!" I yelled. They came running. "Carly just called me and said I have a daughter! And I'm meeting her tomorrow!" I said. They just stood there shocked.

"Is this a good thing or a bad thing?" Harry asked. "It's definitely a good thing. I e a daughter name Emily she is 3 and I'm going to spoil her and treat her like a princess!" I said smiling. "Congrats man!" Harry yelled. "I'm definitely meeting this little girl I love kids." He said and chuckled.

We ended up talking and playing FIFA all night. I just decided to sleep over. I couldn't stop thinking about my little girl I wonder if she looks like me or Olivia. I hope she eats a lot that would be great. Ugh I'm so excited!

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