Her Daddy

Carly Sanders was Niall's girlfriend. She got pregnant and didn't tell her boyfriend. He left for X-Factor. Her daughter is now 3 years old. What will happen when he shows up against?


11. Chapter 10

Niall's POV:

It has been hard this week. Emily always wakes up asking fir Carly. And she s been acting up lately. I'm so frustrated. Harry ha  been trying to help me take care of her, since he loves children

I heard a loud shatter and ran to the kitchen and saw that Emily broke plates

Emily's POV:

"What the hell did you do!" Daddy screamed. "I'm sorry dad-" "I don't care! Just go to your room!" He screamed. I ran to my room with tears streaming down my face. I ran to the phone and called Harry.

"Uncle Hawwy." 

"Emmy. Are you ok?" He asked.

"Daddy's scarring me." I said sniffling.

"I'll be right over." He said and hung up. A couple minutes later I heard yelling.

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