The Diary's of the marauders, and Lily... Oh and Snivellus

This is the diaries of Snape, Lily, James, Remus, Peter, and Sirius and their time at Hogwarts. I hope you like it! :) (I am always so cheesy!)


17. Lily 3

-Draft 1-

Dear James,

I will hex your butt to your face if you hurt my Severus again!

You don't hurt my darling again!

What do you have against him?

Lily Anne (thats not even my middle name that is how mad I am!) Evans


-Draft 2-

Dear James,

Don't hurt Severus, he has never done to you! And Sirius, tell him he couldn't get a girl if he looked like Taylor Laughtner himself! So back off my friend... NOT MY FRIEND!

Hate Lily


-Draft 3-

James, Sirius, and others

Snivellus has



-Draft 200000-

Dear James, Sirius, and others,

My friend, Severus Snape, has recently brought to my attention that you have been bulling him. I have witnessed a bit of your torture and it is not right! I suggest you stop now or I will tell the Headmaster. I bet Snape would be pleased to have you expelled. You and your little friends.

Lily Evans

Gryffindor: 1st years Girls Dormitories.

You go girl! Lily for EVA!

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