The Diary's of the marauders, and Lily... Oh and Snivellus

This is the diaries of Snape, Lily, James, Remus, Peter, and Sirius and their time at Hogwarts. I hope you like it! :) (I am always so cheesy!)


18. James 5

Dear Diary- this is what happened!

Sirius! She sent me a love letter!

*hands letter to Sirius*

Nice Mate! She is so intrested!

Lupin is sitting in the next to Peter on the other side of Sirius.

Hand it here Sirius

*Lupin reads letter*

You guys wouldn't know love if it came up to you held out its hand and said hello! My name is Love, how are you today?

*Lily comes into the common room and I snatch the letter out of Remus hand.*

Hey Lily, girl

Sirius elbows me in the rib

THEN THE STANGEST THING HAPPENS! She slaps me across the face. I mean what did I ever do?

I must figure it out!

-Love James Smelly Potter


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