Little tradedys

Dylan was just your typical good girl gone bad. She had had a rough past with her brother dead and her mother murdered. She lived with her aunt for while after her father was arrested for drug smuggling abuse and murder. When Dylan and her friend meet one direction can they heal her open wounds or will her story just be another little tradedy


5. The accident

Ally's POV:

"Use protection!!!!!" Dylan screamed on her way out. "SHUT UP!!!!!" I screamed already feeling my cheeks flush. Suddenly my shoes were VERY interesting. I heard Scott chuckle and I gave him a glare. He immidietly put his hands up in surrender. I laughed at his fear. Oh how I loved this boy. I still felt kind of bad for kicking Dylan out of the house but a girls got to do what a girls got to do, anyways it's not like she's never done it before either. I guess I'm just to easily guilt tripped. Well I guess I'm gonna make it up to her when she finds out what I've been planing for her birthday!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the look on her face!!!!!! "FOR FUCKS SAKE ALLY!!!!!" Well that snapped me out of my deep train of thought."What?" I snapped, a little harsher than I meant but he can take it. Anyways I'm pissed at him for yelling at me. " You've been ignoring me for the past half hour!!!!!" He said sourly."oops sorry I'm just thinking about Dylan's birthday party is all." I apologized sheepishly."Well you can screw Dylan because I'm out of here!!!" He said angrily. I was shocked as he made his way to the door but finally i processed what had just happened and ran after him. "Babe wait up, we can work this out!" I called as I sprinted. Once I finally caught up to him I spun him around looked him in the eye then smiled as he nodded. "I love you" I said. He mumbled something uncomprehendable and continued kissing me. I was slightly hurt that he hadn't said I love you too then I thought that's what he was mumbling. I was relieved that I had such a great boyfriend like him. Ahhhh boyfriend I loved that word. Scott and I decided to head back to the apartment and watch some movies and snuggle all night. After the movies we kissed and made out for hours until we fell asleep.


I woke up and wasn't surprised to find Scott gone, he normally had to go in the mornings so he could get to work. I was perfectly fine with it I mean it was his job it's not like I expect him to quit it or anything I mean he needed the money and frankly Dylan and I were the same. We ate off of the scraps of money we got from our jobs. I was a cashier at Starbucks and worked cleaning up shop after hours to help Dylan pay rent. I'm pretty sure i got the lucky end of the stick when it comes to jobs I mean she works as a waitress at a family restaurant and sweeps up barber shops and salons after hours for her share of rent. We struggle by but just barely pay rent. I'm kind of scared I will be thrown out into the streets again. That's when I got a call from Dylan, it kind if startled me at first but after i dug my phone out of my purse I answered.

(Conversation goes like this a=Ally, d= Dylan)

A= hey guuurl

D= hey

A= what's up

D= umm yesterday there was an incident and a guy took me home

A= *gasp* are you alright

D= yeah just pick me up and I'll explain. I'll text you the address.

A= ok byeeeeee

D= byeeeeee

Soon I got a text saying the address to pick Dylan up at I quickly got in my car and drove eager for her explanation and also maybe just slightly exited to meet this mystery boy.

Dylan's POV:

I woke up to unfamiliar surroundings I was starting to panic when a boy with brown hair and blue eyes walked on. I knew him from school. He's the worst bully I've ever had but he dropped out of school a while ago. Some people say he made it big time after auditioning for the x-factor, personally I think he dropped out to join a gang or something like that. I don't think he remembers me so I try not to lay the hate on too thick. "Oh so sleeping beauty awakens". He says obviously trying to flirt, only the thing is I hate him. Anyways even if I didn't I refuse to be anyone's one night stand who I will ever even possibly have to see again because it's called a one night stand for a reason I mean I only fuck a person once. "Hi" I said with much more tension than I meant. "What!!!!!" He stayed now pissed at my attitude. "What the fuck did I do to you?!?!?! You know what I could've left you on the streets but ... NO!!!! Do you want to know why?" He spat at me. This made me furious "why?" I growled. "Because I'm a great guy that's why" he said. Wow and here I was thinking his ego couldn't get ant bigger after high school!!!!! "You asshole!!!!!! Your the one that THREW me into the street, you're the one who bullied me after my mother and brother died you are the one who laughed as my boyfriend dumped me just because I had a rough life!!!!!!!" I screamed at him clenching my fists turning my knuckles white. "I-" he tried to talk but if wasn't done with him just yet."YOU SON OF A BITCH YOUR A MAN WHORE YOU ALWAYS HAD SOME NEW GIRL DRAPED OVER YOU EACH DAY!!!!!!! WHEN YOU GOT TO SCHOOL YOU ACTED LIKE YOU OWNED THE PLACE BUT YOU DIDNT!!!!!! YOU BULLIED ME FOR NO REASON ASIDE FROM YOUR EGO, YOU NEEDED A POPULAR REPUTATION I WAS A NERD BUT GUESS WHAT NOW IVE CHANGED AND IM ABOUT TO WHOOP YOUR ASS YOU DICK!!!!!!!!" And with that I lunged at him. I placed his arms under my knees and beat him until he stopped struggling than I stood up kicked him in the stomach a few times and left the room. As I ran around his house looking for my leather jacket I found it in his kitchen. After that I texted ally his address and waited.

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