Little tradedys

Dylan was just your typical good girl gone bad. She had had a rough past with her brother dead and her mother murdered. She lived with her aunt for while after her father was arrested for drug smuggling abuse and murder. When Dylan and her friend meet one direction can they heal her open wounds or will her story just be another little tradedy


7. meet and greet

Ally's POV:

I drove way over the speed limit trying to get to Amy but I guess that was kind of unnecessary considering she said she was fine. It's just I worry about her, she's my only family left. If I lose her I will have nothing which is why I'm so overprotective of her even if she can handle herself.I can't get kicked out onto the street again. I wonder what she means by 'incident'. I guess I'll find out soon...

Louis POV:

I woke up with a pounding headache. I was aching all over. Then memories of what had happened flowed through my brain. That girl had lashed out on me about her past and I didn't even know her name! She had called me names and by the look in her eyes she already knew me, but how? I've never seen her in my life, I'm so confused. And now managements a) gonna kill me for my face and b) gonna laugh at me for getting beaten up by a girl. Ahhhhhh why does life have to be so mean?!?!?! I guess I should probably go downstairs and see if she's still here so I can find out why she hates me. As I walked downstairs I heard the roar of a car stop wow she must have an OLD car!!!! Then the door flew open and I heard two female voices talking, one of them was the girl I brought home last night the other must be hr ride. Finally I submerged from the stairs and saw that a girl was there with the girl I saved, they're very fit and I kind of think I've taken a fancy to the friend. GOD DAMN IT LOUIS YOU HAVE ELEANOR!!!!!!! I criticized myself in my head. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!" The girl said. Oh no oh no do I have something in my teeth?!?!? Is my breath that bad?!?! Ahhh why does she have this affect on me????? Calm down Louis it's just another girl I mean you have thousands of girls who like you all around the world act normal. "H-hi girls" I managed to choke out of my throat. Wow Louis smooth it's really normal to stutter, I mean come on you probably look like a lunatic! "Your Louis Tomlinson fr-from one direction" she said before fainting.

Ally's POV:

I was just asking Dylan about how she ended up here and how she beat the Crap out of some whore bully from her high school when a face I thought I would never ever have the pleasure of meeting... There he was looking at me smiling. I was having a silent heart attack. I saw his lips move but I could hear nothing. Suddenly I felt weak and dizzy "your Louis Tomlinson from one direction" I croaked out. Then suddenly the room started to spin and everything went black.

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