Little tradedys

Dylan was just your typical good girl gone bad. She had had a rough past with her brother dead and her mother murdered. She lived with her aunt for while after her father was arrested for drug smuggling abuse and murder. When Dylan and her friend meet one direction can they heal her open wounds or will her story just be another little tradedy


1. introduction

Dylan's POV:

Hi I'm Dylan, I'm 19 years old and I'm your typical good girl gone bad. But who wouldn't with a past like mine. My dad had been an alcoholic who smuggled drugs for a living. Ever since I was 4 he had been abusing my family. Finally one day my aunt came and saved us. She took us to her house and we were all fairly happy until one day my dad came and kidnapped my mother and I. He tied us each to a chair he then started beating us. He beat us every day for 3 months until one day he brought things too far and killed my mother. I watched as he beat the life out of her and sobbed violently as he dragged her body away. Ever since I've had that memory haunt my nightmares! A month later the cops found him and he was arrested. I was finally moving on from my past when my brother Mathew joined the army and later died in Afghanistan. I was crushed and so were my sisters. My sisters names were Apple and Rachel. Apple was 4 and Rachel was 12. The only people who knew about my past were my sisters my best friend and my ex boyfriend. My ex boyfriend had been great until he found out about my past, then he dumped me. His name was Conner Mason. I loved him with all my heart and then he dumped me. It hurt like hell for months finally my best friend ally and I decided to start a new life in New York! Ally was running away from her past, she had gotten pregnant after being raped by her boyfriend. She had dumped her boyfriend and gotten kicked out by her parents. We supported each other and in the end we helped each other through it. After a long search and many struggles we moved into an apartment.

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