Little tradedys

Dylan was just your typical good girl gone bad. She had had a rough past with her brother dead and her mother murdered. She lived with her aunt for while after her father was arrested for drug smuggling abuse and murder. When Dylan and her friend meet one direction can they heal her open wounds or will her story just be another little tradedy


9. hospital visit

Ally's POV:

Wow I woke up to the bright lights of a hospital. I try to sit up but get a pounding in my head and lay back down. That's when a doctor walks in, her name tag says Karen so I say:

"Hi Karen"

"Hello Ally, how are you feeling honey?"


"Ok well buzz us if you need anything."

"Ok I will"

"Oh and before I forget there are some people outside waiting for you shall I send them in?"

"Yes please"

With that she exits the room and I lay patiently on my bed waiting for them to arrive. I wonder who came to visit, obviously Dylan but who else. The nurse had said people but all I had was Dylan. Maybe some co-workers came, or maybe my boss. I don't understand why though I mean I'm fine. Wait a minute why am I even in the hospital? What happened? Am I... I was cut off by Dylan slipping into the room she looked pretty pissed but when she saw me her expression softened a little bit. "Hey" she croaked, her eyes were puffy and her face was tinted red. "Why were you crying?" I ask confused but also deeply saddened, I had only seen her cry once and it made me want to die. She was just one of those people you couldn't bear to see hurt. Normally she was really tough so this means something really upsetting happened. "I-I " she starts but just sobs instead. "Come here" I say while patting my bed in the spit beside me. She trudges over and slumps down beside me she falls into hysterics sobbing and curling into a ball. I soothingly stroke her hair while muttering the occasional "it will be ok". After about an hour she pulls herself together and I decide not to bring it up just yet, so instead I ask her about other stuff and eventually I muster up enough courage to ask her how I ended up into the hospital. She then explained to me how I saw her childhood bully and fainted. She was still explaining when all of my memories flooded back to me. OMFG Dylan's childhood bully was Louis fucking Tomlinson. Oh boy. I had two options, a) I could beat the fucking crap out of him even though Dylan already did ... Or b) I could ask for his autograph I mean he was in one direction only the biggest boy band in the world!!!!!!! I was snapped out if my thoughts by Dylan clearing her throat. "Umm sorry what?" I asked. " I said we should probably head home now, that okay with you?" She asked. I nodded my head in agreement.

Dylan's POV:

We signed ally out and went home. Then the worst thing possible happens on our way out Louis and four other boys stopped us. Louis demanded to know why I hadn't let him I simply responded that Ally hadn't known him. He seemed pretty pissed but I didn't give a fuck. After that I walked right past him like a boss. I felt his glare burning into my skin so I flipped him off without even looking. I heard him growl in frustration and heard his friends burst out laughing. I couldn't help but smile at my accomplishment. I had single handedly taken the worlds biggest asshole down a notch. The car ride was filled with awkward silence but I didn't care I had my best friend with me safe and sound. That's all I could hope for!

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