Little tradedys

Dylan was just your typical good girl gone bad. She had had a rough past with her brother dead and her mother murdered. She lived with her aunt for while after her father was arrested for drug smuggling abuse and murder. When Dylan and her friend meet one direction can they heal her open wounds or will her story just be another little tradedy


4. best friends boyfriend

Dylan's POV:

"Dylan get your ass down here... NOW!!!!!!!!" Wow someone's grumpy this morning! "Geez Ally calm your tits!" I quickly took a shower put on some mascara and ONLY mascara ( because I don't like makeup and yes girls like that still exist) I slipped on some jeans and an over sized hello kitty t-shirt and ran downstairs as fast as my legs could carry me. Me being the clumsy person I am tripped and fell down the stairs knocking a surprised stranger to floor. I quickly stood up and introduced myself. "Hi I'm Dylan and you are....". "My boyfriend Scott" Ally said scaring the shit out of me."Holy crap Ally!!!!!! Where the hell did you come from?!?!?!" I asked and pretended to have a heart attack. "Haha" she laughed "I'm a ninja" with that we all burst out laughing even Scott. "Well what did you need sassy pants?" I asked remembering how I had been called down here. "Oh I was wondering if u were ok if Scott and I stay here and watch movie marathons." She told me as a statement instead of a question. "Sure sure you two have fun but not too much fun." I said in a fake stern voice as if I was her father. "Dylan!!!!!!!" Ally said pissed and embarrassed. "Don't bang her too hard Scott!" I joked."ugh get out Dylan!" Ally said. "Fine" I muttered holding my heart pretending to be hurt. "Use protection!!!!!!!!" I screamed on my way out. I heard Ally scream back SHUTUP and I chuckled. I decided to take a walk out in the city. I walked into forever 21,Ardennes,Hollister and a bunch of other shops. I had a bunch of bags and had been out for hours.It was getting dark out so I started walking home. I was about halfway home when a group of boys in skateboards whizzed by me unfortunately one hit me sending me into the street of traffic.

The last thing I saw was the flashing of headlights.

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