Minecraft Madness

This story stars many different Minecraft YouTubers and their biggest fan, my little brother Ethan. This is a story of luck, hope and friends.


1. Suprises

Ethan's POV

I woke up to my mum shouting me to get up. 7:45am on a Friday. Ugh. It's too early. I stumbled downstairs while wiping the sleep out of my eyes. My sister, Bethany, was sat on the computer in the backroom scrolling down a website of some sort.



"Eth, there's a Minecraft convension contest."



That instantly woke me up. She told me that after school she would enter me in it. If you win you get five tickets to go to the convention hall which has 2 conventions going on. Doctor Who and Minecraft. All we had to do was do a 2 minute video about why we should get the tickets. Hopefully, I can get them and take everybody to London. As soon as I was dressed for school me and my mum walked hand in hand to school. I waved bye to mum and in class I couldn't contain my nerves and excitement so I had to tell someone. Fenton. We chatted for ages about AntVenom and BajanCanadian.



"I might enter this contest too."


"Alright. Fine. Let the best man win."



Then like a diva I walked away and set off home with my mother,

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