This story is just something I came up with. Hopefully you like it!


1. Perfect

I've always dreamt of the perfect life. The two story home with lots of perfect white windows. As the sun went set, I could watch from my wrap around porch while the children played on their swing set. Rows and rows of apple trees and a white picket fence that lined the property. And of course, how could it be a perfect life without the perfect husband?

  William Tate was my crush since first grade. My family had just moved to Dawn Bay, California. It was my first day of first grade and I was so excited. My mother and I walked to school because we only lived a block away. As we got closer, I felt more and more excited. I thought about all the friends I would make at my new school. When we got to my classroom door, my mom stopped me and gave me a huge hug.

"I love you, Elizabeth."

"I love you, too mommy." I said.

I noticed a tear roll down her cheek.

"What's wrong mommy?"

She quickly wiped off her tear soaked cheek and gave me a kiss. She opened the door and told me to be a good girl.

   The first thing I noticed as I walked into my classroom was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Grismly. I thought she looked like a giant, and I was instantly scared. I turned back around to look for my mom, but she was gone. I stared at the door hoping she was going to come back. I gave up and my heart started pounding. It didn't help that Mrs. Grimsly scared me.

"I'm sorry dear, I didn't mean to scare you. What's your name?"

Her breath smelled like peaches.

"Elizabeth." I said quietly.

"Well, it's very nice to meet you Elizabeth, my name is Mrs. Grimsly. I'll show you where your desk is."

She took my hand, and I followed.

"Here is your desk Elizabeth, right next to William."

He had brown hair and lots of freckles. I thought he sorta looked like one of my Cabbage Patch dolls my mother and bought me last Christmas. One of the other students started crying so Mrs. Grismly quickly attended to the blonde girl with glasses. I sat in my seat and placed my backpack on my desk.

"Are you new?" William asked.

I shook my head yes. He then turned away from me. A couple seconds went by then he turned back to me.

"I'm new too." He smiled.

I smiled back as he held my hand.

   After school I waited outside for my mom to pick me up. I watched as my classmates got picked up by their parents. They all looked so happy. I started to wonder why my dad worked so much. Sometimes I wouldn't see him for days at a time. Was that why mom was crying; because dad was always gone? My thoughts were interrupted by Mrs. Grismly.

"Are you waiting for your parents Elizabeth?"

I shook my head yes. I was too sad to speak.

"Well, lets go give them a call." She said, as she led me back to the classroom.

  I started to cry. Maybe they didn't love me anymore. Maybe they forgot about me. Mrs. Grimsly patted me on the back and told me not to worry.

"Do you know your telephone number?"

I shook my head no. Just then I saw my dad walk through the classroom doors. I jumped out of my chair, and ran to give him a hug.


He lightly patted me on the head.

"Mr. Curry, I need to speak to you if you have a moment, please." Mrs. Grimsly said.

"Sure." He said as he picked me up and sat me back down to my chair.

"I'll be right back honey, stay right there."

They walked over to Mrs. Grimsly's desk, I could no longer hear what they were saying.

   My father looked different today. His eyes were blood shot and he wasn't smiling like usual. I didn't see my dad much, but when I did, he always looked happily to see me. Not today, he was different.


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