Tree hugger

Ron is alone. Hermione has fallen in love with a pebble and Ron ventures the forbidden forest aimlessly. He knows he would be in big trouble if he was to be caught but he doesn't care, he lost all feeling after the night before. Suddenly something catches his eye. Something pretty and tall and covered in leaves. Had he gone mad? Or had he just met the love of his life?


3. The Yule ball

The tree looked sure but she hadn't answered yet. Ron was about to give up when the tree answered,"Yes." Ron wasn't sure if she was serious but when he asked her she answered,"What, was this a joke?"

"No no no no i'm serious but, no-one ever says 'yes'" Ron was saddened by a distant thought but he snapped back to reality when the tree asked,"So, when should we leave?" Ron was about to answer but the tree spoke first,"I can't survive very long with my roots out of the ground." She gestured to her roots with a branch. They waited until the muffled voices and music came from the school grounds then they crept out of the forbidden forest and sneaked behind Hagrid's hut. They knew they would be in a lot of trouble if they were caught outside so they got in to the school and wandered into the Yule ball, trying to act nonchalant, which is quite hard when you're walking into a room with a tree. Heads were turning in Ron and Tree's direction but Ron ignored it and went over to the refreshments table while Tree took a slice of a bright pink, triple layered cake.

The night went on very nicely, Ron made semi-boring conversation with the dark arts teachers. Later in the night, Ron and Tree danced for a while which was surprisingly relaxing even though Ron just met Tree.

Just as Ron was getting used to Tree's presence, The door flung open and in stomped a short, slightly plump man in a dark blue robe. He walked up to Ron and Tree and pulled a wand out of his robe pocket and pointed it in Tree's direction. Ron reacted instantly and pulled his wand out of his robe pocket and jabbed it at the man. "Tree" The man muttered in his crackled, hoarse voice,"Two years ago, we were happy. I went back to my hunting spot to catch bears for my family, then I came back to the hill where you lived and you were gone." Ron looked a Tree, she was terrified,"Who are you?" demanded Ron,"I'm Brian" Replied the man,"Tree's ex" He added. Ron was panicking as he didn't know what this man might do."Just leave and we'll talk later" pleaded Ron, but this seemed to fill Brain with anger, he flicked his wand in Tree's direction and mumbled,"Stupefy." Tree was stunned, she stumbled over a chair and hit the floor with a loud THUD. Ron's heart filled with rage, he turned to Brain. He felt energy channeling through his arm and into his wand as he bellowed,"EXPELLIARMUS!" Brian's wand was whipped out of his hand and sailed across the room. Brian looked at Ron, Shocked,"How dare you cast a spell on the mighty Bri-!" Before Brian could continue, Ron interrupted with a mighty,"FLIPPENDO!" Brian was swept off his feet and he sailed through the window with an ear-splitting "CRASH" meanwhile Ron turned his attention to Tree, she seemed lifeless.

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