Tree hugger

Ron is alone. Hermione has fallen in love with a pebble and Ron ventures the forbidden forest aimlessly. He knows he would be in big trouble if he was to be caught but he doesn't care, he lost all feeling after the night before. Suddenly something catches his eye. Something pretty and tall and covered in leaves. Had he gone mad? Or had he just met the love of his life?


4. The Forbidden Forest

Ron fell to his knees at the tree's side, weeping. His world seemed to be crumbling to the ground. He came to his senses and attempted to lift Tree up without success. He called for Harry and moments later, he arrived. "Help me lift her up." He stammered, gesturing hurriedly at Tree. Harry leaned in and counted,"1....2....3!" Harry and Ron heaved Tree over their shoulders and carried her out the Yule Ball's door. A few of Ron's most anxiety-filled minuets later, They returned to the Forbidden Forest and franticly searched for Tree's spot. After constantly falling over tree roots, they found Tree's spot and, without hesitation, they planted her firmly down. The cheerful, bubbly glint seemed to have faded from both Ron and Tree's eyes along with all sense of hope that they would ever see each other again. Ron waited in suspense as Harry made sure Tree was fully planted. Gradually, The deep green colour returned to Tree's charmingly playful eyes and, as it did, Ron's heart lightened. Tree's leaves lightened in colour and returned to their original lime-green colour and her eyes lazily opened. Tree blinked twice and and turned her eyes to Ron. "Ron? Oh...I...where was I?" As Tree said this, Ron gasped, relieved, and dropped to his knees in front of Tree. "Thank God." He murmured shortly before fainting at Tree's roots. Tree stared at Ron. She knew that she would stay with Ron forever.

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