Tree hugger

Ron is alone. Hermione has fallen in love with a pebble and Ron ventures the forbidden forest aimlessly. He knows he would be in big trouble if he was to be caught but he doesn't care, he lost all feeling after the night before. Suddenly something catches his eye. Something pretty and tall and covered in leaves. Had he gone mad? Or had he just met the love of his life?


2. Secret romance

Ron awoke in the infirmary, head bruises and all, with Dumbledore at his side. He looked around and saw blurred figures and echoing voices. As he came to his senses, he heard Dumbledore softly calling his name. "Uh...huh..wah?" Ron mumbled,

"Ron, you've been asleep for three days...WAKE UP!" screamed the usually docile Dumbledore. 

"WLAHOOOBY!" screeched Ron as he instantly snapped back to reality. "Wha...was i asleep?"

"Yes, you need to wake up RIGHT NOW because it is the yule ball in THREE HOURS!" That certainly made Ron snap. He shoved Dumbledore out of the way and vaulted over the nearest table, honestly he didn't need to as just running out of the door would have been a lot quicker. Moments later Ron was dashing through the forbidden forest and he eventually found his beloved tree. "Okay...*pant*...look I...*pant*...I need to ask you...*pant*...will you...*pant*... go to the yule ball with me?" As Ron had dreaded, his beloved oak tree was silent. Ron collapsed, he sobbed  on the rough, dried mud for a few minutes before he heard,"What are you doing down there?" Ron sniffed and glanced at the tree,"Hello? What are you doing?" the voice asked again. Ron got off the ground and stared at the tree. "What are you staring at me for, do I have something on my face?" The tree sounded offended.

"Oh!'ve just never seen tree talk before" Ron twiddled his hair trying not to offend the tree further. "what were you saying?" asked the tree curiously. Ron was confused,"Um didn't you hear me before?"

"Oh, sorry no I must have dozed off." The replied daintily,

"Oh...okay...I was just wondering to go with me to the yule ball in three hours?" Ron almost cringed from how ridiculous he thought he sounded. The tree was deep in thought, "Well..."

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