Tree hugger

Ron is alone. Hermione has fallen in love with a pebble and Ron ventures the forbidden forest aimlessly. He knows he would be in big trouble if he was to be caught but he doesn't care, he lost all feeling after the night before. Suddenly something catches his eye. Something pretty and tall and covered in leaves. Had he gone mad? Or had he just met the love of his life?


1. Rejected

Ron was heart broken, the memory of the night before haunts him. He remembers asking Hermione to the Yule ball and her saying she already had a date. But worst of all, he remembers asking who Hermione's date was and her pulling that stupid, grey, boring pebble out of her pocket and saying,"Ron, meet David." DAVID?! That pebble was certainly NOT a David, it was OBVIOUSLY a FRED! Who would date a pebble anyway? He thought, he walked, he thought and walked and walked and thought. He was pondering his rejection so much he didn't notice the rough, oak tree in front of him. "OUCH" he shouted, "Oi! Why don't you watch where you're goi..." just as Ron was about to imply something very rude about the tree's family, he stopped. The tree was so beautiful that he simply couldn't say a word, he was dumbfounded. "Oh...u...uh, wh...sor...sorry..I'm s...s...sorry" Ron's head was spinning, he was stumbling over his words. Just as he was about to say the next word, everything went dark, he became very dizzy and moments later, Ron had fainted at the root of the tree.

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