For What Lies Hidden

A collection of all my poetry in an order I think makes reading it even more fun and exciting.


136. The Pretender

By day I parade
Up and down, up and down the street
Smartly dressed and always polite
Doing a credit to my mysterious trade.

It's torture to my mind
To wrap up inside myself
For by day I am a gentleman
Not one object out of place can you find.

By night I roam
Tracking dark narrow alleyways
Spying upon daytime friends
Watching and waiting
Till it's time to pounce again.

Stalking the innocent
Watching the uneasy
Making lives a misery
This is my true nature
The one I long to be.

Tonight all will come to a head
And all can be revealed
Wonder not at my technique
Be not astonished with my skill.

 Knocking at the door
Shown in by the maid
Watercolour landscapes line the walls
As I proceed to the drawing room.

 I exchange words of greeting
Before going for the hit
Thrusting the knife into his heart
Twisting thrice before drawing out
Dripping coppery liquid.

You never did me right
 You cheated my very soul
I spat at the dying mans face
His last words his reply to me
You never did humour me
Although I tried kindness.
Now I see why
For you're a man of double personality a conflicted man
For you're a pretender.

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