For What Lies Hidden

A collection of all my poetry in an order I think makes reading it even more fun and exciting.


44. Singing and Dancing

Singing and dancing,

 Dancing and singing.

 All night long

 She spun and twirled

 As though she were

 In a whirlwind;

 Flying in a whirlwind

 From the middle of land

 To the edge of the sea.

 A whirlwind which carried her out to sea,

 Swept her along into the waves,

 Swept her to her death.

 Still singing and dancing,

 Dancing and singing

 All the way,

 Till she bounced among the waves

 Dragged by a whirlwind

 With a smile still upon her face.

 Such a delicate face

 Which I never got to kiss,

 Never got close to,

 Though it may have been her final wish.

 So beautiful in life

 With energy that even

 The whirlwind could not take away from her.

 So gorgeous in death,

 So lifeless and still

 When she was not singing and dancing,

 Dancing and singing

 Through turmoil and lightening

 Or joy and happiness.

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