For What Lies Hidden

A collection of all my poetry in an order I think makes reading it even more fun and exciting.


56. Running For Freedom

Running, running

Forever I am running.

Never will I stop

To let this matter drop

Which to me is personal

And could prove to be fatal.

If it ends my life,

Though through much strife,

Remember me

As someone who died free

From the failure and horror

Which filled my life with terror;

From the mentality

And lack of triviality

Which held me prisoner

For as long as I remember.

It won’t be long

Before I realise I was wrong

To pursue this matter,

Even though it does batter.

I am running fast,

Still running from the past;

From this vulnerable position

To one I won’t have to question.

Where I will be safe

And allowed to live my life

Free from fear.

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