For What Lies Hidden

A collection of all my poetry in an order I think makes reading it even more fun and exciting.


131. Revealed

I dart toward the gate
I tug at the latch
Covering my hands and jacket in mud and rust
I open it and run.

I sprint out of the lane
I dodge round the carriages and people
I jump over a fence
I land in an overgrown pathway and start running again.

I hear shouts and calls
They ride on the wind
Soaring far and wide
But I see no one and I keep on running.

I am breathless and weary
I have no food and no water
I stop running
I collapse on the downy forest floor.

When I awaken sunlight shines bright
The previous days wind and rain are gone
I pick up all I have
I begin to run again.

I run all day and all night
I have a desire to escape alive
I gasp and heave as I run
I struggle with my burden still.

I rest upon an oak branch
High above the ground
In my slumber I fall face down
It gives the game away.

I am caught by a shepherd
Who wanders the hills overnight.
He saw me fall and went for help
Instead discover my burden did he.

The glossy copper hair
The sea ice blue eyes
The startling cold of body and soul
A shock my burden gave all.

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