For What Lies Hidden

A collection of all my poetry in an order I think makes reading it even more fun and exciting.


98. Power of Friendship

Tiny specks in the sky

Barely visible beneath the cloud

Drifting swiftly around the earth

As it rotates on its axis.

These stars twinkling faintly

Cannot guess at the joy you bring.


The power of friendship seems

To be greater than any force of gravity

And brighter than the closest star,

Always burning bright

And never casting shadows,

Trying to take the power away.


There are so many

Who I know possess

The greatest, the strongest

Power of friendship

And for me, the person giving judgement

I say you are definitely a major one.


The one with the power

To calm me and console me

Every time I need them

And to share my joy;

It's being who you are that brings

The most stunning and glorious power of friendship

For us to share.

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