For What Lies Hidden

A collection of all my poetry in an order I think makes reading it even more fun and exciting.


53. Bright Lights

It was a light brighter than they ever knew,

Such a bright light

Burning for all to see.


They say it burns,

This bright light,

It does burn; but how

Can I believe?


Light floods the room

Like darkness melts away,

Like it is here to stay.


It is bright,

It is strong.

Now I believe but only

Because it burns my eyes.


They say it burns,

They say it’s like

Being on fire and

Bursting into flame.


Now I believe

That this bright light it

Does burn and how,

 I still don’t know.


It was a bright light,

Brighter than I’ve ever seen.

Such a bright light

Burning just for me.

Burning just for me.

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