Highschool Sweethearts

Kayleigh White and Rosalyn Ryan are, well average. They've been best friends since kindergarten when Kayleigh spilt juice all over Rosalyn and then apologized by helping her dig a hole to hide Troy Johnson, Rosa's bully, in. Attending high school sucks, until four boys stumble into their lives. Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin, the school pranksters. What happens when they notice Kay and Rosa aren't just Jaime's little sister and her friend? Will they fall in love or just wreck their lives?


2. School

Kay's POV

I groan and turn off my beeping alarm clock. I sit up and yawn, forgetting what today is. My first day of sophomore year. Fuck me man I think and get up and head to the bathroom to shower. 


I pull on the ugly uniform that my school required us to all wear and head to the bathroom to try and make some part of my look decent in this shapeless lumpy thing. I pull my hair back in a pony tail and put some eyeliner on and a little mascara. As I leave and go down the stairs Jaime appears at the bottom. 

"KAYLEIGH MY SWEET ANNOYING LITTLE SISTER!!! IT'S TIME TO DRAG YOU TO HELL WITH ME!!" he called up and went out to start the car and I roll my eyes before heading downstairs and pulling on my boots and grabbing my back pack. Going outside I see Jaime in the car with his tongue stuck out, trying to get the car to start. Well that's my family. Throwing my bag in the back seat I climb into the passenger seat and slam the door shut. Glancing over, I see Jaime trying to shove the house key into the ignition.

"Oh my god you idiot that's for starting the house not the car!!!" I say and he just looks at me.

"Starting the house?" he says and I open my mouth then close it quickly.

"It's 7:30 just go." I say and put my head in my hands. We drive silently before I flick on the radio and listen while waiting to arrive at the worst place known to teens. 

Once we get to school I jump out and head to find Rosa so I can show her around considering it's her first day. I walk around and notice her walking slowly and awkwardly closer to the school not knowing what to to do. 

"Oi Rosalyn!!!" I call across the yard and I see her whip around, relaxing when she realized it was just me. 

"Thank god you're here! It was so freaking awkward waiting around!" Rosa made a faces at me as she talked and I laughed. Both of us being drama students, we always showed more facial expressions and talked with our entire body. Sometimes, especially around cute boys *cough Michael cough*, it was the weirdest fucking thing. As Rosa yammered on the bell rang signaling first period. We started walking to the doors as she told me about her mom and new step-dad.

"And now they just left me for two weeks, in a city where I know only one person!" she yelled loudly and made a couple of freshmen jump and move away.

"Well you know mum and Gary and Jaime!" I say. "That's four people!" I say turning to her grinning at my fabulous math skills. 

"Very good Kay, you get cookie later." Rosa says and I laugh. We enter with the crowd of people and I glance at my timetable. Geography room 218. I turn to Rosa who's doing the same thing and see she has maths in room 154.

"Well I gotta go, my class is on like the other side of the school. I'd wish you good luck, but knowing you you're gonna stand out like cross dresser at meeting for westboro baptist church. See you at lunch!" I wave and leave, mixing into the stream off others going upstairs for class. I get to class and head in sitting at the far back away from the teacher and in the corner where I sit with my best school friend Lucy. Lucy was like an adorable little kid from a distance but as soon as you got to know her she's the weirdest person out there. She danced into the room practically and I saw her glance at me before moving to sit in the front with Jasmine Wicker. Jasmine Wicker is on football (soccer) team with me and she's the bitchiest person out there. She's the Justin Bieber of the school basically. I can't stand her, and I didn't think Lucy could either. Guess not...


Two hours later and I'm looking through the crowd of people when I finally spot Rosa. I quickly start towards her when I see she's sitting with people already. No not just people, the Jaime's friends. Well Jaime too but he's not important. I gather my courage and start to walk over. They're all laughing cause the blonde one with the lip piercing has french fries under his lips and is trying to be a walrus. As I get closer Jaime spots me and calls me.

"KAY!!" he grins (he's weird okay, he's related to me) and makes a space between him and the boy with dark hair. I go up put down my tray and slide in between them. I look up and they're all looking at me and Rosa's smiling.

"Look I made friends! And I didn't even have to threaten them!" Rosa says happily and I laugh. She's different but I swear sometimes she's more like a two year old Joffrey Lannister. A little less scary though. 

"Congrats but did you make any friends with people that didn't see me charge in with a broom?" I ask and they laugh.

"Nope, they didn't enjoy my Malfoy impression." she pouted slightly and we all laughed. As lunch dragged on I started at my disgusting looking sandwich and stayed silent. Michael was telling a joke (Jaime filled me in on their names) and I felt the boy beside me, Calum, nudge me lightly. 

"Hey are you upset about yesterday? We didn't actually mean anything too mean you know?" he said and I smiled lightly and looked up at him.

"It's alright, it's mainly my friend Lucy. She's kind of been avoiding me all day." I say shrugging and Calum wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"Don't worry about it, you've got us now!" he said squeezing my shoulder lightly. 

"Oi mate, hands of my little sister!" Jaime says and Calum quickly dropped his arm. I laugh and join in on their conversation on why Ashton is really the Queen of England.


After struggling through another couple of hours I head home and crash in my room. I crash on the bed, and just say there hoping the bed would just open and swallow me, until I hear a ding from my phone.

Rosaaa: wanna come over? It's lonellyyy here :(

Me: sure let me change I'll be over in a few

Rosaaa: yayyyy!

I quickly get up and change into some skinny jeans and a blue tank top. I put my beanie on and head downstairs before I slip on my blue VANS and my football varsity jacket (soccer my american amigos, soccer). I walk over to Rosa's and listen to my really weird music (it's like a mix of techno and then country and then indie don't question it). When I get there I hear people inside talking and laughing. I thought her parents were out... I open the door and BAM! Flying shoe to the nose! I hear laughing. I look over my fingers covering my nose. Michael just hit me in the nose with a shoe! 

"What the hell!" I say.

"Ha you got shooed!" he laughed and I glared at him. Then I grinned at him and his face dropped. "Fuck..." I leapt towards him and he turned and ran up the stairs.

"YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT MICHAEL!!" I scream at him and he yelps.

"IS THERE ANY CHANCE YOU TAKE QUARTERS?" he yelled back and he ran into Rosa's room where I cornered him.

"Alright time for payback..." I say and I jump on him and tackle him to the bed. I pulled off the beanie he was wearing. I smile and tuck it in my back pocket. "Thank you!" I get up and walk downstairs. As my feet hit each step I take Michael's hat and slip it on my head. I walk into the living room and see Rosa, Luke, Calum and Ashton.

"Kayleigh what was all that racket?" Rosa said in a sternish voice.

"Michael nearly broke my nose, so I took his hat in payment." I say and the boys laugh. 

"I'd be careful, he worships that hat." Ashton says and straighten my back.

"Ya well know he worships me!" I grin and feel the hat being pulled off of my head.

"Thank youu..." Michael said coming from behind me and cramming the hat on his head. 

"Hey that was warm!" I protest.

"I know, my sexiness heats it up." he said turning to me and winking. I shake my head and we all walk into the living room and I drop onto the love seat as Luke, Calum and Rosa take the couch and Ash sits in the chair. I'm pulling out my phone to check my texts when I felt some push my legs off the love seat.

"Hey!" I say and Michael takes the spot I reserved for my legs. I frown and shake my head before putting my legs on him.

"Need something love?" Michael asked and I shrugged and glanced at my phone.

"Naw I'm good thanks for asking though." I look up and slip my phone in my pocket. 

"Let's do something fun!" Ashton said.

"How about truth or dare?" Luke suggested and I glanced at him pressed up to the side of the couch where Rosa sat in the middle closer to Calum. Weird he has enough room... I shrug and I see everyone nod in agreement. 

"Sure why not." I say and Luke grins.

"Alright I start. Rosa truth or dare?" Ashton says and Rosa freezes.

"Oh um truth?" she says nervously. 

"Okay, out of all of us who would you date?" I'm listening when I feel Michael's hand on my calf. I ignore it.

"Kay." she says and Calum gives her a shocked expression.

"Rosa I thought we had something special!" he says and I laugh. I feel Michael's hand moving up and I stare at him and he winks at me. 

"Alright, um, Calum. Truth or dare?" I zone out and feel Michael's leg on my thigh. I shift my legs over him more and push down. He pulls his hand back and doubles over.

"Oof!" Michael's face goes red and he's gasping slightly (boys are so sensitive!). "I need to use the bathroom." he scurried off and they all looked at me.

"What? I wasn't purposely making him infertile!" I say and snuggle into the couch. Rosa giggles and soon we're all laughing.

"Ya know I think I can get used to Australia..." Rosa says and I smile.

A/N: What'd y'all think? Pleas put suggestions in the comments and please like and favourite thanksss love y'all :D p.s who saw the music video? Ugh they're such teases man!! 

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