Highschool Sweethearts

Kayleigh White and Rosalyn Ryan are, well average. They've been best friends since kindergarten when Kayleigh spilt juice all over Rosalyn and then apologized by helping her dig a hole to hide Troy Johnson, Rosa's bully, in. Attending high school sucks, until four boys stumble into their lives. Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin, the school pranksters. What happens when they notice Kay and Rosa aren't just Jaime's little sister and her friend? Will they fall in love or just wreck their lives?


1. Day Before

Rosa's POV

Light seeped through the cracks in the blinds, making my pitch black room, lighten up. I squeezed my eyes together trying to hold onto my dream. I was making out with Colin Morgan and I wanted to just go back to it. 

"ROSA WAKE UP YOU'RE GOING TO KAYLEIGH'S IN AN HOUR!" My mom yelled up the stairs and groaning I roll over... onto the floor.

"Oof! Damn it!" I stand up and stretch before heading to the bathroom. I hop in the shower humming Cher Lloyd as I got ready for the day. Ugh why can't I go to bed earlier something? I get off the internet way to late. I think as I wash my hair.

20 minutes later

I throw on my mickey mouse crop top and shorts and head to the bathroom. I lean down put my long brown hair into a bun that's braided at the back and throw my head back when I'm done making me dizzy. 

"Wow." I say steadying myself. I lean over the sink and put on my mascara and a nude lip stick. I lean back and admire my simple makeup before sliding on my glasses. I head out the bathroom and downstairs and see my mom wrestling my baby brother Adam into his shoes. 

"NO SHOE! NO SHOE!" Adam yelled yanking his foot out of my mom's hand. 

"Adam, c'mon baby please?" my mom says sighing and shoving her short hair out of her face. Presenting Mary Grace Ryan, my mom! She and I had moved recently to Sydney, Australia earlier this summer (well winter if you're going Australian seasons instead of Canadian seasons), with my new step-dad Jacob and half brother Adam. So far it was great but mom's been super stressed with Adam going through a picky phase and Jacob was great but he worked super late so he wasn't around much during the day. So far for me was that my best friend and I were in the same city again after being apart for two years. 

"Need some help?" I ask and go over to my mom and hold Adam as he struggled.

"Ya thanks." she says and slips on Adam's shoe.

"No problem, but I'm going to Kay's now." I say standing and slipping on my grey toms. 

"Alright but don't forget your first day of school is tomorrow and we're going out of town tonight to go meet with Jacob's parents and we're not gonna be back until the Sunday after the next." She says focusing on picking up a squirmy Adam. I sigh and pick up my sleeveless jean jacket and stare at it before sliding it on. 

"Fine. But I don't see why you three have to go for the whole week!" I say turning around to face her.

"Rosa don't start this again you know it's just cause of Adam and-" she says sighing and putting resting Adam on her hip.

"NO! Ever since we got here you've been leaving every other week for who know's how long! I get it new marriage new kid you wanna forget me! The accident!!" I slam my hand on the hallway table suddenly really angry.

"Sweetie you know we love you-"

"NO I DON'T! YOU'RE NEVER HOME GODDAMNIT! I've heard you talk to your friends! You say you wish you could go back to when you were 18 and change it from happening!" I scream at her. I was done pretending I felt normal. I hated leaving. I don't even know my dad so it's not like I could've asked to stay with him, so I was stuck moving 15,553 kilometers from my home. I run out of the house and head to Kay's. She understands, her parent's aren't together but she at least has Jaime, her older brother with her to help her. I run until I get there completely out of breath (I'm not, nor will I ever be, athletic in any way, that's Kay's thing). I calm down and knock on the door. I'm about to knock again when the door opens and someone pulls me in.

"What the hell-" I start to speak when someone covers my mouth.

"Shhh! Jaime has friends over." Kay whispered in my ear sounding incredibly girly. I pull her hand off my mouth and turn around.

"Is Kayleigh, the most uninterested in boys person ever, excited about this fact?" I say smirking. Kay blushed but shook her head no. "Liar." I say grinning. 

"Well ya but come look at them!" I shake my head and follow her to just outside her kitchen. I peak in and see Jaime as well as four other guys standing around laughing. They were all quite tall. Two were blonde and one was dark haired and the other had purple hair. I look at Kay knew she was looking at the purple haired one and I look back coming up with a plan. Knowing her, I knew she wouldn't have the balls to talk to any of them so I glance at her and grin. 

"You know, I ran pretty much all the way here and I'm really quite thirsty." I say and walk into the kitchen ignoring Kay's small noise of protest. I walk in and they all turn and stop laughing.

"Oh hey Rosa!" Jaime says in his normal happy voice.

"Hey Jam!" I say and he laughs at the nickname I've called him since Kay and I were like 5. 

"That's such a stupid nickname!" he laughs and I grin and look at the four people now facing me. They were all good looking and especially the tall blonde one with the lip piercing. I grin at him and he grins back before I turn back to Jaime. 

"Ya, ya I just want a glass of water and I don't know where Kay went and your house still confuses me." I say and I hear slight shuffling from outside in the hallway.

"Ya, I'll get you a bottle of water, our waters off for maintenance." 

"Thanks Jam!" I call as he heads out of the kitchen to the garage. Before the silence can get to awkward I head go and lean against the counted and look at the four boys in front of me.

"I'm Rosalyn by the way, Jaime's little sister's friend." I say and they nod and smile.

"Kinda figured, but Jaime has a little sister? We've never seen her." the other blonde says with a thick Australian accent and I laugh.

"She's shy, I reckon. Thinks y'all are cute." after years of acting, and hearing him talk my Aussie accent kicked in.

"Well that would explain when we walk down the hall we hear all these doors slamming shut. And oh I'm Ashton by the way." he says laughing.

"Calum." the dark haired boy beside him said smiling slightly. 

"I'm Michael." the purple one said.

"Ya and I'm Luke. I like your piercing by the way." The one with the lip piercing said smiling and nodding at my belly button piercing. I blush and move my arms to cover my exposed stomach.

"Thanks I like yours to-" as I was responding Kay rushed towards the room holding a bloody pool table stick.

"ROSA NO! CHARGEE!" she yelled and came into the room and waved it around. Before noticing everyone was looking at her. She dropped it and shoved her hands in her pockets as she turned beet red.

"Wait what?" Calum seemed confused and his eyebrows had scrunched up as he looked between me and Kay. 

"Introducing my major dork of a sister Kayleigh!" Jaime said returning with my water bottle laughing. He handed it to me as we both tried to stop giggling.

"Dork? She doesn't look like a whale penis to me." Luke said raising his eyebrows. I lose it and turn around trying to stop laughing. 

"Damn I didn't think whale penises were human shaped!!" I hear Michael say and soon we're all laughing our asses off. By now I was on the floor clutching my stomach as I laughed my ass off.

"Guys, guys what are you doing? Guys this isn't funny!" I hear Kay and now we're all dying laughing and I feel tears in my eyes. Oh my god it isn't even that funny! What am I doing. I get up and walk to Kay and try to keep a straight face and fail. 

"I'm sorry." I say trying to stop grinning.

"No you're not now can we go before they say anything else?" she asks pleadingly and I turn and see they're all standing now, trying not to laugh. 

"Ya let me get my water." I go and pick up the bottle before turning and heading out of the room.

"Bye Rosa see you at school tomorrow! Your first day!" Jaime called and I groaned.

"Ugh I know now go do boy things." I call and head to Kay's room. I get upstairs to Kay's room and I see her standing in the doorway. "What?" I ask.

"I hate you." she says mad that I made Michael laugh at her.

"Love you too dork."

Outfit Links: Kay http://www.polyvore.com/kays_outfit/set?id=114186489 Rosa http://www.polyvore.com/rosas_outfit/set?id=114181268

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