Justin & I: This Is Just The Begining

Elizabeth "Ella" Anna Swift is a 17 year old girl that wants to feel to be loved. Justin Drew Bieber is a 19 year old boy that is looking for that special one to love.

Two different kids from different worlds. They go to the same summer camp. But what will happen if one of them accidentally send the wrong text message to the wrong person? Will things change? Will they meet? Find out..

Copyright 2014...


1. Prolouge

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. But I prefer people to call me Ella, I'm 17 years old that lives with my famous country singer Taylor Swift.

I know your thinking how lucky you are. We'll taylor is just my sister and yea I don't really care what she does in the famous world really. I'm just really proud of her that she's followed her dreams and became a singer. Go tay!

Taylor is home 24/7 now. She used to be away going on her world tours. But that's her job. Being a singer is a lot of work.

Anyway, my mom died of breast cancer two years ago. She was one of the best people in my family that I have ever know. She was a very sweet and caring happiest person that people wants to be around. Well people I know did.

Till this day I still think about her a lot. I miss her so much. I mean of course I do she was my mom. And Taylor's as we'll.

Oh and my dad, he left us for another women. Long story and I don't want to get into it.

I'm about to be a senior this year in high school. Yea it will be my last year of high school. By the way after my moms death I had to move in with taylor too. Of course I had too I was only 15 years old at that time.

I get bullied a lot at school. People calls me "Eli freckles" cause I have tons of freckles on my face. I hate when they call me that. And even sometimes they call me skinny faggot cause I'm too skinny.

I don't get why they always make fun of me. I has been going on since 3rd grade. And it really stresses me out and even sometimes I cut myself leaving about 4 or 5 scars on my arms.

It helps me to get rid of my pains. I don't have any friends at all. I am a hug Justin Bieber fan! I really love his music a lot! He even makes me feel a whole lot better too.

Well that's all about my life story for now. :)

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