Just Best Friends.

Mia Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since they can both remember. But Justin has always secretly liked Mia, but Mia is madly inlove with Isaac Dunn who hates Justin. When Mia tells Justin he starts to get jealous very quickly...


5. Spanish.

 "Sir, I don't have all day." I spat leaning on the side of my hip. My bag resting between the crack between my elbow and lower arm. Everyone was left as second lesson was about to start. He looked up at me and then shock his head. I frowned. He stood up suddenly looking down at me, I swallowed trying to act normal. He thumped his way to the Science office leaving me alone in the classroom. It was nothing special, it had plain grey table which had a cover which protected it from any of the spillages. I remember Angie once spilt a acid all over the table and it went in my book. It had the periodic table on the walls and pointless posters which I always used to read at the end of a test as I finished before everyone. I normally got above half even if I didn't revise. He came back in with a big folder, he slammed them down on the table making me jump.


"Mia." He cleared his throat then carried on again. "You are a A* student and I do not expect you messing around." I lowered my eyes to my feet. "Look, this needs to stop as it seems like Angie is relying on you. She copies you doesn't she?" I was startled how he knew so much, I shook my head."Come on now Mia, we all know she does." He walked back over and sat down.

"Is that why you moved her?" I asked.

"Well yes and you two do talk a lot." He was clicking on his mouse then he looked up at me again. "You can go now." I sighed, he was keeping me from Spanish which was a good thing and I didn't do anything wrong. I slivered over to the door, I felt so effortless."Davis." I turned. "This stays between us two." I nodded.

 I stepped out of the classroom I noticed how the corridors looked so empty without the normal bussle of the school. I stopped for a minute and looked around to see if Justin was anywhere. He normally waits for me even if I'm late, he was no where to be seen. I looked down again I felt alone and not the same without Justin and his pointless saracasm.

"Took your time?" I looked up shocked by the voice. Standing in the corner on his phone was Isaac. I was stunned.

"Sorry, Mr ermm." I couldn't believe he was standing their looking straight at me, with his perfect green eyes which glowed.

"Scout?" He laughed, he was walking towards me. I stood stump still, he grabbed my waist and pulled me close. I shuffled next to him as we walked towards the stairs on the way down to Spanish. Isaac was in my set, but I never expected him to wait for me. "Was Mia a naughty girl?" He laughed, his laugh was the most beautiful sound in my ears.

"Well actually-" I shut up suddenly remembering not to tell anyone even though I so wanted to tell Isaac, so we would have a secret, our own little secret.

"What?" He asked, I felt him looking down at me.

"No, I was trying to make up an excuse." I blushed. "But yes Mia was naughty." I joked trying to change the conversation.

"What did Mia do?" It was so cute how we were using Mia. We were getting closer and closer to Spanish.

"Well." We got the door. "You gonna have to wait and see." I winked. He bit his lip, I swear I could of jumped all over him and kissed him, but I held it in. As we walked in Miss glared. We both used my excuse, she nodded and told us to sit down. He pinched my bum so I giggled. I sat down in my seat next to Fiona, the bitchest girl in our year. She snarled at me and carried on writing the date. I looked at her back in a weird way, she was giving me the eyes for no reason? I leant on the desk and looked over at Isaac who was staring, I blushed again.

 "What did you get for number two?" I asked flicking through the text book with no idea what I was doing. Fiona gave me a look of disgust.

"Why don't you ask your new bestie?" She snarled as she flicked her curly blonde hair. I looked at her in confusion. "You know Isaac." She tilted her head. I laughed.

"Sorry, am I not aloud to have a new friend?" I asked widening my eyes. I immatated her 'new' at that point.

"I never said that did I?" She barked, she was staring at her book which had all the answer in.

"Well it was coming across like that." I snapped back raising my voice a bit. "I only asked for question two, don't need to loose your thong." She gased. "Babe, everyone can see it, might wanna sort that out." I snarled. I loved being mean to her, she was so mean to everyone and I was the only who stood up to her.

"Trying to catch his attention hmm?" She shoot back. "Why don't you just have a sign on your head saying 'I love Isaac'?" She laughed.

"Babe, why don't you shut up." I replied crisply.

"So it's true?" She glanced, I looked back. "Don't act dumb, you like Isaac."

"No, you do."

"Well done." She glared. "So hands off! I've known him longer than you and you suddenly think you can stroll into his life, well no. That's not how it works!"

 The bell cried out, she stood up quickly and walked over to her bitching group, Lauren and Tess. I hated them, and still do. Isaac came over and patted my back, I looked over at Fiona who stared in anger.

"Ignore her." He smiled and he grabbed my hand and walked me out.

"Bye Fiona!" I yelled as Isaac and I laughed.

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