Just Best Friends.

Mia Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since they can both remember. But Justin has always secretly liked Mia, but Mia is madly inlove with Isaac Dunn who hates Justin. When Mia tells Justin he starts to get jealous very quickly...


3. Space.

 As we emerged school I stared at the crowd for Justin. I could normal spot him out of everyone, but I couldn't. I had a good eye for family or Justin or his family, well they were all family anyway. Sky walked off not even saying goodbye, as she walked with her head down. I spun her and cuddled her, I could tell she was scared. I mean she was in 8th grade but seeing that I would of been scared. She had seen Justin loose it before but not that bad, I saw Justin at his worst and best, he did the same with me. I could feel her trying not to cry, I pulled her out and kissed her forhead. I didn't have to tell her not to tell anyone, because she wouldn't do that. I watched her put a smile on her face, she was always good at acting, espically dance, gymnastic and cheerleading anyway, she was so flexiable. So was I, I could do the easy stuff but she was unbelievably good. I walked into the crowd seeing familiar faces smile at me, I smiled back and puffed up my hair. I felt someone cuddle me from behind, I turned and saw Angie smiling with her braces on show. Her teeth were nearly good, but not quite then. I smiled back.

 "Have you seen Justin?" I asked, tucking some of my hair behind my eyes.

"Err..." She was looking down. "Yeah actually, he just walked straight into school. He seemed kinda angry." She was looking at me now, her brown eyes looking at all my facial features. She did that a lot. "How do you keep your skin so perfect?"

"Face scrubs and 5 a day and all that. Anyway I gotta go." I went to turn away when she grabbed my hand.

"Give him space." She was fluttering her fake eyelashes. I frowned. "Look, I saw him walking in alone. You obvs are in an argument. Let him come to you."

"No,no,no were not arguing." I replied sliding my hand away from her sweaty one. She looked at me straight in my eyes.

"And? Your always together, breath a little." She smiled. I stood frozen. Maybe she was right, Justin and I were always together and I didn't even do anything wrong. "Oooh, Isaac is looking right at us." She was giggling. I looked back, and flashed my head straight back to Angie who was giggling loudly. I went to leave but again someone grabbed my arm. I turned back to see Isaac staring at me, I looked at him holding my arm. I could of melted into a lump of Mia icecream on the floor but he had generally annoyed me and I needed to hold together.

"Can you give us a minute Ang." She nodded and smiled to us, I smiled back lightly then glanced up at Isaac who had released his hold on my arm. "I'm sorry about my dicks of mates. But as you probably know your mate and I well, we don't get along."

"Yeah I can see. But it wasn't just your mates, it was you to." I wasn't looking at him. He was laughing a little, I looked at him quickly then he stopped almost within seconds. "Do you think this is some kind of...joke?" I stuttered. I was never scared to stick up for myself but when it came to Isaac, I was always worried to say the wrong thing. He shook his head.

"Naa, but he's just lucky innit." I frowned at him. "To have you, you twat." My eyes widened. "Don't act so surprised." I laughed.

"Anyway." It fell silent. "I betta go." I looked down at my Micheal Kors watch, 10minutes till first period and I wanted a drink.

"Sick watch."

"Thanks. Justin got it for me." It was from his whole for my 17th birthday, we got him the same thing but with a different face and a boys one. Our birthday our a month apart seriously. His was the 1st of March mine was the 1st of April. We also got cars but they were different.

"Did he now." Isaac laughed again.

"Yes." I raised one eyebrow.

"How do you do that?!" He asked in shock. I laughed.

"Bye Isaac." I flirted.

"See you later beautiful." He pronouced 'beautiful' like 'bootiful' it was sweet.

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